Student Spotlight: Jess Jones


Jess Jones, senior, is Malone’s first biochemistry major. Jones helped plan the program’s curriculum over the past two years, and it is now officially offered. Jones describes herself as moderately interesting, adores turtles almost as much as science and has somehow managed to avoid caffeine during college. Get to know Jones below!

Aviso: What exactly is biochemistry?

Jones: Biochemistry is the chemistry of cells. It’s all of the chemistry that happens inside the cell. We deal with biomolecules like fats, carbs, lipids and proteins. Everything biological is composed of those four biomolecules. This semester we are doing a lot of metabolism. It’s not the digestive pathway because we’re talking about a cellular scale.

Jess Jones is a senior and Malone's first biochemistry major. (Photo by Alicia Meyer)

Jess Jones is a senior and Malone’s first biochemistry major. (Photo by Alicia Meyer)

Aviso: How did biochemistry become your major and a recognized major?

Jones: My freshman year I came in very adamantly as a zoology major. I was ready to wrangle some gators. I spent a summer in Costa Rica, and while I was there, God revealed to me he didn’t want me working with animals. My love for animals was going to be a hobby, not my career. I did a lot of studies with state schools and other private schools about their biochemistry majors to see what classes made up the curriculum. Malone had all of the classes needed. I proposed the individualized major to my advisors. Then I found out the professors were already looking at the possibility of a biochemistry major, but they didn’t think there was a demand. They used my curriculum as the backbone for the now established biochemistry major.

Aviso: What is the strangest experiment you have ever done?

Jones: Last year and this year we worked with fruit flies. Last year we did DNA studies, and this year I’m doing metabolism studies. I need to get what’s in the fruit fly outside its body. I have to knock out the fruit flies and squash the bodies. It’s called a process of homogenization. Then I can extract the nutrients or DNA.

Aviso: What are your plans after graduation?

Jones: The plan right now is graduate school. I didn’t plan on that originally, but when I changed my major I realized I would need a Ph.D. I am finally hearing back about interviews.

Aviso: What is your first distinct memory of Malone?

Jones: There are two distinct things. First, when I came on my official visit, everything was covered in a foot of snow. I was so upset because the tour was outside. I was cold and miserable. Thing two was the brick buildings. I love brick. I think bricks have such a rich culture. Once we got past the snow, I realized it was a beautiful campus.

Aviso: If you were an article of clothing, what would you be?

Jones: A grey t-shirt. That’s my go-to souvenir. Every time I go somewhere, I want to get a t-shirt, and my favorite color is grey. I always just wear grey t-shirts.


Alicia Meyer is the Copy Editor for The Aviso


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