Club Feature: FCA

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a space for athletes from all different teams to gather together and learn about Christ. There are weekly speakers including Dr. Greg Miller, Malone coaches and area pastors.

Hannah Boss, senior nursing major, and Cordaryl Jones (CJ), senior physical education major, co- lead FCA together.

Meetings consist of two-minute drills where student athletes give a quick devotional followed by a speaker for 20 minutes. New this year, members split into small discussion groups, led by a member of the FCA leadership team, to process the message and the week’s topic.

Boss said, “I think they can learn from each other, and I think it makes people want to branch out and challenge themselves to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a big thing we tried to include this year.”

The club is open for any student athlete and meets Wednesdays at 8pm.

For more information contact Boss or Jones at hlboss1@malone.edu or cdjones1@malone.edu.


Josey Petz is the Editor and Chief for The Aviso

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