Ekballo stirs passion for missions

The word Ekballo is a Greek word from the New Testament meaning “to cast out.” Ekballo, a club experiencing rapid growth at Malone, thinks of the word as sending out people to the mission field because the word was not meant to suggest, but command.

“Ekballo is a mission oriented club that we have on campus. We want to help fundraise and help with missions locally and across the world,” said Becca Klein, sophomore missions and cross-cultural ministries major.

Ekballo group with guest speaker, Howard Moore (photo courtesy of Michael Husk)

Ekballo group with guest speaker, Howard Moore (photo courtesy of Michael Husk)

“Our vision is, first and foremost, to learn about who Christ is, how He is at work in our lives and what His vision is. We’re trying to tap into that and serve the way He did,” said Andrew Hill, senior psychology and pre-med major and Ekballo leader.

Ekballo wants to stir passion in people’s hearts and make them want to go out into the mission field, whether that mission field a residence hall, the city or another country.

“[Our vision] comes out of Matthew 9: 35 -38 where Jesus himself is talking to his disciples. We started with vision of equipping people and supporting people that have hearts for doing mission work,” said Hill.

Ekballo serves at Refuge of Hope on the first and second Friday of the month. They serve food and talk to the people there, as well as making the meal and doing the dishes for the meal.

“We put a lot of emphasis on worship and prayer and getting our hands dirty, actually serving the community and eventually, hopefully, serving the nations, to some extent. We’re just a group of students with the same goal [and] mission to serve others and to serve God,” said Hill.

Hill said that something talked about in Ekballo is understanding who Jesus is and developing an intimate relationship with Him because once there is an intimate relationship serving is more about obedience out of love and desire to seek Jesus.

Recently, the club has grown from six members to 40.

Michael Husk, junior biology pre-med major, said that growth is what they have specifically prayed for, but the numbers were not the most important part. They want the people that need to come to join them.

The vision of Ekballo has shifted since the addition of people.

“Recently we’ve been focused on spreading awareness about the group and what we’re about. Also we’ve been focused a lot on prayer and [have] been getting people involved with Refuge of Hope,” said Husk.

Husk also said that they are focusing on praying together for all different subjects such as the nation, the campus and Canton.

Ekballo meets from 7 to 8 p.m. Sunday evenings in the basement of the library.


Cathy Weyand is a Staff Writer for The Aviso

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