Community Worship album in production: Original music featured in second volume

25th Street Productions is releasing a full length album available as a digital download free via Bandcamp. The exact release date is still uncertain. There might be hard copies of the CDs available for around $10 a copy.

Tim Longbrake, assistant director of spiritual formation, said this has been a work-in-progress for about a year.  It began with an idea he had when he realized the amazing talent students possessed from working with the community worship bands.  He connected with 25th Street Productions to display this talent in a professional way.

“I hope that the album will be an encouragement to Malone,” Longbrake said

(Photo courtesy 25th Production's Facebook page)

(Photo courtesy 25th Production’s Facebook page)

The team started by taking submissions of songs from students of multiple ages and majors.  The track had to be an original work and a worship song.  The samples submitted did not have to be professionally recorded.

“They could just be on their iPhone,” Longbrake said.

After submissions were received, the selection process began.

Longbrake said that there were so many submissions that it was hard to narrow down, but that was a good problem to have.

A total of ten songs were selected for the album, and then the producers, engineers, and artists went to work.  The engineers are lower-class students and producers are upper-class students.  The goal is that the engineers will eventually become producers as they go through more advanced studies.

Bethany McHugh, senior business administration major, was one student whose work was chosen to be on the album.  She says there were many people behind the scenes of her song.

“[The song is] produced by Natali Masters, engineered by Bobby Smith and programmed by Jake Peters and JD Laird,” McHugh explains.

There are many other students who have worked on the album as well.

Listeners can expect a wide variety of styles in music for the ten song album, including folk, pop, electronic, indie, rock and contemporary.

This will be the second album 25th Street Productions has released.  The last one was a Christmas EP in the fall semester.  It is also available for download on the Bandcamp page.

McHugh said 25th Street Productions is trying to work with more clients to have more releases in the future.

“If anyone is interested in recording with 25th Street Productions,” McHugh said, “they can contact JD Laird or Natali Masters.”


Mollie Ridings is a staff writer for The Aviso

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