New opportunities available with Stark State

Malone University and Stark State College signed a master articulation agreement March 1 making transferring between the schools a much easier process.

“What we have done with Stark-State is sit down together and look at our curriculum. We find places of overlap and design the places of overlap to make it as convenient as possible for students to move to a campus elsewhere,” said Dr. Nate Phinney, interim provost.

“What [Malone] signed was a master articulation agreement. [This] articulation agreement sets out the principles by which students will be able to move between [Stark State and Malone]. When it comes to individual programs, each program has to be worked out individually,” said Phinney.

Stark State Banner (Photo by Charley Garwood)

Stark State Banner (Photo by Charley Garwood)

There are already programs set in place for nursing, education, social work and degree completion.

According to Phinney, this agreement says that students coming to Malone from Stark State with an associate’s degree will have credits transferred and general education requirements satisfied, with some exceptions, and they will be able to move straight into their major. Exceptions include required Bible and theology courses and the GEN 460 requirement.

“There has been a recognition that colleges need to make it as easy as possible for students to move between colleges,” said Phinney.

The social work department will feel and impact because of the new agreement. According to Jane Hoyt-Oliver, chair of psychology and social work departments, it is important to have educated social workers because these students will be working with the most vulnerable people in the community.  Also, associate’s degrees only get entry level positions in social work.

“Two year students can enter entry level positions. There are few ways to advance from those positions with an associate’s degree,” said Hoyt-Oliver.

Also according to Hoyt-Oliver, this program brings opportunities for more interesting work and more available jobs. She thinks that this agreement is a win-win for Malone and Stark State.

According to Dr. Debra Lee, dean for the school of nursing and health sciences, the expanded nursing partnership lets students transfer and complete their [or bachelor’s degree of science in nursing] in a little over a year.

“The people at Stark State who complete an associate’s degree in nursing become registered nurses, but then when they want to go on and finish their BSN they can go to any number of degree completion programs. They are registered nurses who also want to have a four year degree,” said Lee.

According to Lee, her hope is that graduates of Stark State would come to Malone for the unique experience and faith-based Christian education that combines completion of a student’s BSN with integration of faith and worldview.

“I think it is a great opportunity for nurses who want to finish their bachelor’s degree,” said Lee.


By Cathy Weyand


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