Encountering disaster: Dr. Jamie Aten to provide disaster training

Dr. Jamie Aten, founder and co-director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and disaster psychologist, will speak on campus April 19 and 20. Through two events, planned in part by students in crises and campaigns, Aten will share his experiences and train participants in disaster response.

Jamie Aten teaching at a seminar (Photo courtesy of Jamie Aten)

Jamie Aten teaching at a seminar (Photo courtesy of Jamie Aten)

Students taking Ann Lawson’s, instructor of communication arts, crises and campaigns class have worked all semester to plan the April 19 Emotional and Spiritual Impacts of Disasters Workshop featuring training from Aten. Local pastors, first responders and students will attend the event for disaster training.

The event starts with a luncheon at noon and the workshop runs from 1 to 3 p.m. Although registration for community members is $30, students and faculty may attend the workshop at no cost beginning at 1 p.m.

“This event is an incredible opportunity for Malone,” Lawson said. “Students and faculty are looking forward to learning how to help and minister to those who are victims of a local disaster.”

Aten will also speak at April 20’s Community Worship Spiritual Formation Opportunity, offering students and faculty a second opportunity to hear what he has to say. The community worship message will include discussion on “Walking Disasters” and Aten’s personal encounter with cancer.

Aten’s most recent book, Disaster Ministry Handbook, features information on preparing for and responding to disasters for all Christians and will be available for purchase at the workshop.

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Joe Turner is a contributing writer for The Aviso


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