Lights, Camera, Action!: Open Frame Film Festival highlights student filmmakers


A piece of Hollywood is coming to Malone. Technically, it is coming to the Palace Theatre, but Malone students are the masterminds. The 16th Annual Open Frame Film Festival is scheduled for April 16 at 8 p.m. and will feature original, short films produced by Malone students. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Each filmmaker chose the genre of film they created. The films are then categorized, judged and shown. An outside committee of filmmakers selects the award winners, but students may also get in on the action. Through the use of text polling, an audience favorite will be selected for each category.

(Photo Courtesy of Open Frame)

(Photo Courtesy of Open Frame)

Whether acting, filming, directing or editing, plenty of students will showcase their talents. Any student may participate regardless of major or year.

Lauren Schrock, sophomore communication arts major, is one student involved in the film festival this year. She said she wanted to be involved last year but was unable. Schrock said it is a great experience so far this year, but it is also time consuming and even somewhat expensive.

Schrock is submitting two films to the festival and has incurred a small cost for props and sometimes hiring a camera crew. Grants up to $150 are available to students submitting projects.

With all the time and money, Schrock still said it is worth it. The students who have a movie in the festival learn great skills that prepare them for future filmmaking.

“We are taken seriously,” Schrock said.

She described how she especially looks forward to having a movie poster for her videos made, just like it was a real Hollywood film. She also gets to learn how to advertise her film.

Schrock said her favorite thing is writing and creating the movies, and the hardest part is the editing. Even though it is hard, Steve Pustay, professor of communication arts, is a helpful resource for students.

The event requires plenty of work, but Schrock said it is so enjoyable that she is already thinking about next year’s Open Frame Film Festival as a chance to explore different ideas.

“I like the creativity and freedom,” Schrock said when asked what led her to this major.

Nemanja Steganovic, senior history major, agreed with Schrock.

“[Film making] is a great way to express an art form,” Steganovic said, “It can touch many people in ways other things cannot.”

Steganovic is submitting his first film into the festival this year. The genre of his film is crime. It is based on the script he wrote for his applied film class.

Steganovic says that he loves writing and was hooked when he did script writing in one of Andrew Rudd’s, professor of communication arts, classes. He loves the whole process of directing, filming, writing and creating.  Much like Schrock, his least favorite part is the editing.


Mollie Ridings is a staff Writer for The Aviso

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