Pioneer Focus: Duke Taylor

Duke Taylor, senior thrower, has already broken Malone record in discus competition and is close to doing the same with the hammer. Taylor ranks in the top ten in both events in the nation. Get to know more about him here.

Aviso: How did you get into throwing?

Taylor: My mom’s side all threw and my older sister was really good, so it has been something my family has always liked.

Aviso: What do you like best about Malone?

(Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Duke Taylor (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Taylor: The people have been my favorite part so far. I have met some really great people that want the best for me.

Aviso: What are your expectations this year after last year’s success?

Taylor: The expectations are very high since the last two years I have been very close to becoming an All-American. The goals this year are to try and win the conference in discus and then to become an All-American.

Aviso: What is your favorite track and field moment?

Taylor: There have been so many fun times with my team at Malone, but my favorite moment would be from last week when I threw a personal best in the discus. [The throw] didn’t really feel that great, but when my event coach and I heard the distance we were pretty pumped knowing that all the hard work is starting to show.

Aviso: What’s your favorite event?

Taylor: Even though I was reluctant to learn, I have really found a passion for discus.

Aviso: What is the song that best describes your personality?

Taylor: “Friday” by Rebecca Black

Aviso: Is there anyone to whom you attribute your success?

Taylor: [There are] so many people like my parents and head coach Mark McClure, but my most recent success [comes] from my event coach Zach Hernandez.

Aviso: Who is your favorite track and field athlete?

Taylor: Gerd Kanter


Seth Byrd is the Sports Editor for The Aviso


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