Students sharing studies: Research symposium offers students an opportunity to share their research


Students will present research projects and perform musical pieces as part of April 23’s student research symposium at East Campus from 10 a.m. to noon.

“[Students] from all different disciplines come together for [the symposium],” said Diane Chambers, professor of English and chair of the research symposium. “The research symposium is a time for students to get together and show off their scholarship. Students have a chance to inform people about what they have been doing and answer any questions people have,” said Chambers.

There are multiple students, such as senior nursing major Holly Kreis, presenting their honors thesis.

(Photo courtesy of David Hahn)

(Photo courtesy of David Hahn)

“[My honors thesis] explores caffeine consumption factors for college students. I looked at some of the motivating factors and some of the knowledge that college students have about caffeine,” said Kreis.

According to Kreis’ research, caffeine can affect your heart rate and sleep as well as hinder antidepressant and anti-seizure medications.

“I was trying to cover everything. I asked some basic things about caffeine consumption patterns like how often and what kind of caffeinated beverages do people drink,” said Kreis. “The area that I was most interested in was asking college students how much they knew about the side effects of caffeine.”

Kreis was trying to look at areas of nursing education that could apply and reach out to students, as well as encourage safe ways to use caffeine. She used true and false statements to survey what students knew about caffeine effects.

“It was a great opportunity because I could pick my topic and develop a survey. Learning more about caffeine was exciting for me. It is something that [most people] use. Because it was a personal project I got to go in a lot of directions with it, and it was a lot of fun because of that,” said Kreis.

“I would encourage other students to come out and see what their classmates have been doing, even if it’s just to see what they will eventually be doing. It’s a nice way to support other students at Malone and learn more about something you may not have considered before,” said Kreis.

Derek Muncy, senior political science major, is also presenting a portion of his honors thesis. Muncy thinks of his project as a theoretical examination.

“[My project] is about the 17th amendment. It’s about direct election of US senate, why I think that is a bad thing theoretically and why I think our founders would agree,” said Muncy.

These two research projects represent only a small taste of the wide menu of projects to be shared at the eighth annual symposium. The projects will feature something everyone is interested in learning more about.


Cathy Weyand is a staff writer for The Aviso

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