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Students unite to express and question beliefs

Juliana Cole and Emily Mattioli, both interns in the office of spiritual formation, recently created a blog for students to express their faith in different ways and connect with others through that expression. The blog is open to all students to share their own expression of their faith.

“[The blog is] just a place where you can talk about… our faith… and expressing our faith in different ways,” said Mattioli, sophomore creative writing major. “I think you can worship God through art, through poetry, through writing, through worship.”

Office of Spiritual Formation interns, Juliana Cole, junior nursing major, and Emily Mattioli, sophomore creative writing major, come together to form a blog to promote community (photo by Kelsey Garrett).

Office of Spiritual Formation interns, Juliana Cole, junior nursing major, and Emily Mattioli, sophomore creative writing major, come together to form a blog to promote community (photo by Kelsey Garrett).

Created in conjunction with The Unity Project, the blog, “To Make Him Known,” is made to illustrate the beauty in differences. The Unity Project focuses on art and expression in any form to worship God. The idea is to inspire and encourage students through our differences and similarities.

“We want it to be a movement of people coming together,” said Mattioli. “[We want to] see our campus coming together. Even though your walk with God looks different from their walk with God… it all can be authentic and honest and a good relationship,”

Mattioli believes the diversity of Malone students is essential to the blog’s purpose. The hope behind the Unity Project is to emphasize and celebrate that diversity.

“It’s cool, and it’s a good thing. We want to highlight how great that is. We want to deal with honesty… we really want to write about when we’re struggling or when we don’t understand something,” said Mattioli.

The To Make Him Known blog is about students being real with each other and sharing their faith in an authentic way. It also incorporates art as a way of expression to worship God with others.

Juliana Cole, junior creative writing major, said, “We want to unite people that don’t know that they have something in common.”

The blog is meant to be used as a platform that students can use to create and share with one another. “To Make Him Knownencourages a change in perspective and seeks to explore how students see things differently and think differently.

“We can invite other students to create and create ourselves and explore the ways that you see God or I see God,” Cole said.

Cole encourages other students to post and share. She hopes the blog will reach many students.

Tim Longbrake, assistant director of spiritual formation, oversees the blog. Longbrake works with Mattioli and Cole to make The Unity Project come together.

“The blog is another way of showing students we care about their spiritual well-being,” said Longbrake. “The blog is intended to challenge. It’s intended to provoke thought. We won’t give easy answers to difficult questions because there aren’t easy answers, but I think it is important to talk about them and not pretend like they don’t exist.”

Longbrake expressed a particular vision to have a worshipful tone to posts but not necessarily always positive. He explained that while it is important to rejoice in gladness, there are also times when it is appropriate to be upset and sad. It is important to talk about those moments.

“We want our posts to be worshipful but not necessarily based on scripture,” Longbrake said. “We want to portray the glory of God”.

The blog is open beyond Malone students. People anywhere can unite with others in Christ through the Unity Project on the To Make Him Knownblog at For more information or if interested in posting, contact Cole or Mattioli for details through Phiz.

Kendra Hartman is a staff writer for The Aviso


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