Sidewalk chalk mystery

Sidewalk chalk art has almost magically appeared on the paths leading to Mitchell Hall over the past several weeks. The drawings include beautiful detail and shading, but the artist has yet to sign his or her name to the project.

Mystery solved, Malone. Jordan Melvin, freshman biology major, has drawn each image on the sidewalk in his spare time as a way to feed his creative nature.

“I was sketching when I first got here, but I didn’t want to be limited to a sketchbook,” Melvin said. “I wanted to reinvent myself.”

Melvin did just that through his project. Melvin simply explored the supplies in the art rooms on campus and decided to work with sidewalk chalk, even if the idea seemed childish at first.

“Sketching is just black and white. With chalk, it feels different. It makes me feel prouder than if it was just a sketch,” Melvin said.

Campus seemed too plain to Melvin, so he made the entire area his sketchpad. Melvin experimented with several different chalks in order to produce the best, lasting images.

“This space is too plain. [I wanted] to give people something to look at on their way to [class],” said Melvin.

Melvin plans to expand his chalk art to other popular locations around campus. He wants to create beauty in the ordinary places so that walking to class can become an adventure.

Alicia Meyer is the editor-in-chief of The Aviso

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