Networking at its finest

Malone hosts career and graduate fairs

Malone is providing networking opportunities for students on campus with the upcoming career fair and graduate fair.

The career fair will take place Oct. 25 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Johnson Center Dining Room and feature 35 local businesses, organizations and schools ready to meet with students. The graduate fair is scheduled for Oct. 27 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Randall Campus Center Stewart Room and will include 12 graduate programs from various universities.

Jen Vannest, director of tutoring and career development coordinator, explained that nothing like this has been offered on Malone’s campus for a long time. There are various career fairs that go on at other local universities, so this is a great opportunity for Malone to get in on this.

Students are encouraged to “dress to impress,” bring an updated resume and  smile. There will also be prizes raffled off for students to win during both fairs.

Vannest wants to give Malone students an opportunity to be aware of the businesses, organizations and schools in the Canton area as well as help students figure out what they want to do after graduation. Vannest said many of the organizations that will be at the career fair know quality students come from Malone and love working with them.

Not only will these organizations be talking about jobs after graduation, but they will feature internship opportunities as well. Involvement in the Canton community through internships is a great way to develop a plan for the future.

The graduate fair is primarily for graduating seniors and is meant to help them decide where they want to go to continue their education. Malone is one of the programs that will be represented at this event, and Chris Todaro, director of admissions, graduate and professional studies, said he wants more students to be aware of the many programs Malone offers.

“We are always adjusting and evolving to accommodate to needs of students, the job market and the demand within North East Ohio,” said Todaro.

The graduate fair will bring in 11 other universities that Malone’s athletics programs compete against on a regular basis.

“The goal is to get these schools that come in to say, ‘Wow! Malone students are awesome!’” said Todaro.

Both fairs are held before academic advising, which gives students the opportunity to consider what the rest of their time at Malone will look like. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field.

“Attending both the career and graduate fairs will prepare me for life after graduation… they are both wonderful opportunities that will help me discover what I want to do after I graduate college,” said Tina Yu, senior business administration and marketing double major.

Yu believes that with the variety of majors that are represented through various organizations at the career fair and the graduate school programs at the graduate fair, there will be no shortage of information.

For more information about the career fair and graduate fair, call Jen Vannest at 330-471-8321 or email at or contact Chris Todaro at 330-471-8643 or

Courtney Baker is a guest writer for The Aviso

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