Hazen’s legacy surpasses Malone

Post-Collegiate runners grow Hazen’s legacy

Pioneer sports fans have great respect for Jack Hazen’s fifty years as Malone’s cross country head coach and for what his runners accomplish during their time at Malone. However, the impact his coaching has had on these runners also carries into their post-collegiate careers. Hazen’s key philosophy for coaching runners has prepared them for success far beyond Malone’s stage.

From the moment a prospective cross country runner steps onto campus, Hazen communicates the goals of the coaching staff. Hazen does not intend or expect them to become the best runner they can be by the time they graduate.

“Our goal at Malone is to not have you reach your full potential. Your true potential is beyond the years that you would spend here at Malone if you want to pursue that,” said Hazen.

At first this is a principle that many runners may not agree with, but over the years Hazen has seen most of his runners buy into his philosophy.

Ryan Roush and Tony Migliozzi are great examples of All-American athletes whose careers have been shaped by Hazen’s coaching mindset. Migliozzi, a 2013 Malone graduate, and Roush, who graduated in spring 2016, both competed in the 2016 FirstEnergy Akron Marathon.

Tony Migliozzi, 2013 Malone Graduate. Overall marathon champion

Tony Migliozzi, 2013 Malone Graduate. Overall marathon champion

Roush took second place in the half marathon with a time of 1.08.10 just behind fellow Malone alum Ryan Kienzle, who posted the winning time of 1.08.03.

Migliozzi won the full marathon, setting a new course record with a time of 2.21.41. This is only one of his many accomplishments in the past year. Migliozzi won the 50k World Championship in Qatar last December and now runs for Team USA.

Hazen laid Migliozzi’s foundation for running while at Malone. Because Miggliozzi believed in the program, his coach and his training methods, he was able to grow and learn to become a champion runner.

Like many runners at Malone, at the end of Migliozzi’s collegiate career, he was propelled into the next chapter of competition. After college, he took the tactics he learned from Hazen and applied them to his own running style.

Being able to train alone and find motivation during the hardest training sessions is what Hazen thinks will make a great runner reach their highest potential. Tony Migliozzi has done just that.

“[Migliozzi] is one guy that is self-coached, and I am proud of that,” said Hazen.

After graduation Roush chose to continue his education and running career at Youngstown State University. Roush has one year of eligibility left for outdoor track as he was injured in the spring of his freshman year. He has trained hard by competing in local 5k and 10k races as well as bigger events like the Akron Half Marathon.

This was not Roush’s plan from the beginning, but because he was committed to the growth process under Hazen’s leadership, he knew he had the ability.

“My plan is to continue to run because Coach Hazen always has us keep building and getting stronger every year, which does not stop by the time you end your four years at school,” said Roush.

Hazen has established his legacy by training runners for success at Malone and beyond. After graduation it is the runner’s responsibility to expand on it and cultivate a successful career.

Vince Leone is a guest writer for The Aviso

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