Connecting the past with the present

History digitized and downloaded

Senior history majors are working to digitize parts of Malone’s history found in Aviso articles from years past in honor of Malone’s 125 year anniversary. This is a collaborative project that will allow community members and alumni to view Aviso articles from the first twelve years of publication online.

Gregory Miller is the professor of history and director of general education (photo by Kelsey Garrett).

Gregory Miller is the professor of history and director of general education (photo by Kelsey Garrett).

Dr. Gregory Miller, professor of history and director of general education, shared his excitement for the current digitization of archived history. Miller also instructs the class managing the project.

“Having access to past Avisos, which are, by the way, very cool, for alumni and friends of the university and even current students would be a wonderful thing,” said Miller. “What I do is put together the project and work with the students and supervise them to make sure we get it done.”

Miller explained that students working on this project are learning a lot about Malone history through reading the old articles. Students can enjoy reading what other students wrote in the 60s and 70s and how that is different from what Malone students experience today.

Miller said that this project is not only for our students but can include community members as well.

“[The project is] not just about the students [from Malone] because it’s going to be publicly available,” said Miller.

The digital versions of the Aviso will be available through the Malone website. They will also be on the Library of Congress as part of the Ohio Memory Project. The Ohio Memory Project is a statewide project about digitizing newspapers.

“We will be one of the few college newspapers that will be on the website,” said Miller. “I think that it will be really interesting for our alumni from that era to be able to go back and on their home computer be able to pull up the Avisos talking about things that are really familiar to them.”

Miller described the ways history can improve as well as inspire a community.

“[There are] all kinds of ways to preserve the past to be an inspiration for us, to remind us of our heritage and accomplishments,” said Miller. “[History] serves us very well in the present. We have a really impressive story at Malone.”

Juliana Shultes, senior integrated social studies major and project participant, shared her thoughts on being involved in the historical project.

“[Our class] thought we would do something centered on Malone, the student life and how it has changed,” said Shultes.

She described that there are many changes throughout Malone’s history and heritage that are apparent in the writing. The students involved in the collaborative effort are also doing an individual project concerned with student life. Some students are exploring athletics, African-American student life/involvement, enrollment and more.

“It’s a way to celebrate Malone’s history,” said Shultes. “In the end, it’s gonna be really rewarding to be able to say, ‘Yeah, I had a huge part in this.”

Kendra Hartman is a staff writer for The Aviso

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