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Students take on honors academic challenge

Malone honors students hosted an honors academic challenge as a fundraising event at GlenOak High School Oct. 13. Students and professors came together to raise funds for student scholarships through academic challenges.

Alyssa Crowley (left) and Marissa Cooney (right) at the 2016 honors academic challenge (photo courtesy of Deb Robinson).

Alyssa Crowley (left) and Marissa Cooney (right) at the 2016 honors academic challenge (photo courtesy of Deb Robinson).

The challenge included trivia questions to test every guest’s knowledge on a variety of subjects, such as math, science, English and social studies. The event was a way not only to bring high caliber students of the same passions together, but also to challenge themselves with their intelligence in all academic areas, not just with their own personal fields of study.

Alyssa Crowley, sophomore chemistry major, Marissa Cooney, junior social work major, and Deborah Robinson, director of alumni and parent relations, came together to create the challenge. Steve Jensen, professor of English and co-director of honors, helped in creating the event as well and coordinated Malone’s team.

The University of Mount Union, Walsh University, and Kent State University at Stark also participated in the challenge.

“The idea [for the challenge] was brought up by outside alumni from Malone who gave the idea to [Robinson] and she later informed me about it,” said Jensen. “I then sent emails to some of the honors students and asked if they would be interested in participating for this nonprofit fundraiser. There was a good amount who were very enthusiastic about the idea!”

Among those enthusiastic honors students were Crowley and Cooney.

“The honors section became interested in having some people who enjoy learning and exhibiting knowledge to represent Malone,” said Crowley. “It was a great opportunity for students to represent their intelligence in a friendly way with a little competition! The challenge also gives other nearby schools an idea of what we’re learning about.”

The challenge fundraiser hosted a variety of honors students from different majors.

“It’s exciting how many students [are represented] different majors and backgrounds. It’s a wide variety. I myself am a chemistry major. We even have members studying not only math, English, science but also social work and Bible theology. It’s really cool to see all kinds of different topics being challenged in the event,” said Crowley.

Cooney spoke about how the College Club of Canton took part in making this event possible.

“This was a group effort into making this happen. The members mentioned how the idea for the honors academic challenge had been in the making for a little over a year. They wanted to use it as a fundraiser for honors students to receive scholarships. By doing that, there was a raffle basket and sponsors that helped get a good amount of funding. Hopefully this fundraiser will become an annual event,” Cooney said.

The event itself proved to be competitive and exciting. Mount Union won first place in the honors academic challenge. The final total of funds raised is still to be announced.

Hopefully this is the first of many future fundraising events that will bring area-based college students together in a challenging and fun way to raise money. It also helped to advertise the honors programs of the participating universities.

Caroline Tullis is a guest writer for The Aviso

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