Walking with Christ

Israel trip offers students opportunity to walk where Jesus did

Students have the opportunity to travel to Israel this summer as part of a three-week academic program this summer with T.C. Ham, professor of theology, in association with Jerusalem University College, Institute of Holy Land Studies (JUC) from May 14 to June 4.

“This is the program that literally thousands of students have experienced as a part of their Christian college or seminary training,” said Ham.

Rachel Jenkins riding on a camel during the previous trip to Israel (Photo courtesy of Rachel Jenkins).

Rachel Jenkins riding on a camel during the previous trip to Israel (Photo courtesy of Rachel Jenkins).

Ham said he has long wanted to lead a trip to Israel, but he has not previously had the opportunity to go. Ham hopes this trip will allow him to connect with students and mentor them as they experience Bible stories coming to life.

According to the JUC’s website, this particular program allows students to better understand Biblical events in the correct geographical, historical and cultural context through a combination of classrooms and field settings.

Maggie Hamrock, sophomore mathematics major, is interested in participating in the Israel trip with Ham.

“[Ham’s] passion for the Bible is inspiring, and I think going on this trip with him would be an incredible experience,” said Hamrock.

Hamrock said she hopes the trip would allow her to make connections between scripture and real life. Visiting each location that she has read and learned about all of her life also excites her.

Rachel Jenkins, senior philosophy major, participated in this trip in 2014 and returned to Israel in summer 2016.

“I saw Bible stories come to life but also seeing the various cultures and religions all in one place. It certainly expands your worldview” said Jenkins. “The stories of Jesus walking on water or calming the storm becomes incredibly real when you’re at the place where it happened.”

Jenkins is considering enrolling in JUC’s graduate program after leaving Malone because of her experiences on her trips.

If interested in more information about the trip or applying, contact Ham at tham@malone.edu

Amanda Parker is a guest writer for The Aviso

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