Burning out or blowing up

As the end of  the semester approaches, it is common for college students to feel panicked about their grades, whether in relation to maintaining a GPA or passing a class.

Frank Alexander, adjunct faculty member, has noticed a trend in behavior and work ethic among students towards the end of  the semester.

“[Students wonder] ‘What can I do to make up the points?’,” said Alexander.

Some students are not always aware of  the amount of  work that needs to be done throughout the entire semester and often put things off  until the last minute, resulting in more stress. He believes good grades are a result of  time management and prioritizing responsibilities. Alexander advises students to determine which tasks are the most important to complete.

“Prioritize this precious time that you have, and things will fall into place,” said Alexander.

His final words of advice for stressed-out students at the end of  the semester is a reminder to relax.

“Take a deep breath, relax; it’s not the end of  the world,” said Alexander.

Emelia Kublin, senior art major, said “I feel like I am always working toward the end of  the semester. I can make it. I just have to get to the end of  the semester.”

Kublin expects to graduate in December, and this has added to the stress she experiences from course work as she now has to prepare for her senior art show exhibit while still preparing for the “real world.”

“The further you get into your college years, the more stress piles up with graduation, finding a job, building your resume and figuring out where you are going to live,” said Kublin.

Kublin also shared some advice for stressed out college students.“Learn how to say ‘no’ to good things” said Kublin.

Many students in college are trying to find themselves and discover new things, but as beneficial as those things can be to your future, it could create unnecessary stress if  you are continually taking on more than you can handle.

“If  you take on too many at one time, then you are not going to do any of  them well,” said Kublin.

Malone’s counseling center is open to students as a resource for learning how to manage stress. Student should always feel encouraged to reach out for help.

Alyson Perry is a guest writer for The Aviso

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