Expansion through service

Community service has been a long-time staple of  Malone. For each student, Malone offers many different opportunities to get involved in the Canton community. During new student orientation all students serve through “Into the Streets,” a community service opportunity  in the Canton community.

Haley Kool, senior accounting major, has participated in several different community service projects with the volleyball team.

“God expects us to use our gifts for His glory and our benefit and for other people,” said Kool.

One of  Kool’s favorite community service projects was working with a program through United Way. During this project she and her fellow classmates went to different places downtown such as the Massillon Library or the United Way building and helped low-income families fill out their income tax forms.

“So often the people that we were helping in the tax clinics would have no idea what they were looking at,” Kool said. “They were really scared or really nervous. It was really neat for me to be able to use something that I am passionate about in order to help other people.”

Ryan Cartwright, sophomore psychology major, encourages students to look outside of  Malone for community service opportunities.

“Don’t be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of  Malone,” said Cartwright.

Cartwright is the worship leader at 3rd Street Community Church.

“Every day during the week, there’s something going on at 3rd Street involving the community or young people in the community,” said Cartwright.

This Christmas, 3rd Street will take part in a project called “Affordable Christmas”, in which they will assist low-income families who do not have the money to buy presents for their children in an effort to make the Christmas season more affordable.

Ekballo, a student group on campus, focuses on being a part of  the community. Twice a month, Ekballo members gather to serve at Refuge of  Hope, where they prepare and serve plates of  hot meals as well as clean up the kitchen and dining area.

“Ekballo has given me the vision and refreshed the command to reach the unreached and help those that need help,” said Jenny Bushnell, sophomore social work major.

“There are so many organizations that need service,” said Bushnell. “Don’t settle until you find the one that revives your heart and reminds you of  the love Christ has for all of  us.”

Naomi Grandison is a guest writer for The Aviso

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