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New faces with AVI bring fresh, student-focused perspective


Beth Gotter took over the AVI resident director position at Malone this semester. Gotter comes to Canton from Hiram College’s AVI program. Gotter now oversees all the food services on campus, including the Hoover Dining Commons, Froggy’s and Regula Café and catering. Gotter said she is ready to take on this semester and will keep students first in her mind.

“The student body here is very friendly and more open to having conversations,” Gotter said. “I am looking forward to getting to know the student body and building relationships with them.”

Gotter said she emphasizes communication in her position. She said she knows that students have opinions about the food and wants to cater to them in the best way she can.

“If you guys aren’t happy with something, I don’t know it,” Gotter said. “It is hard to please all 750 students on the meal plan. We try, but if we aren’t we want to know it.”

Gotter said when she hears a complaint she communicates it to her team.

“This is good stuff guys, they’re mad! Let’s make them happy!” she said she tells the team.

Gotter said she hopes her ambition to serve the students will bring positive change to the cafeteria. From new members of her team to new desserts in the dessert case, she wants to improve AVI at Malone.

Adam Ligo, AVI’s director of operations, has only been here one more semester than Gotter and said he is excited at what this semester may bring.

“[Gotter’s] like a fresh set of eyes coming from a different account, maybe she sees something that we don’t see, so that’s exciting that we will get to do different things,” Ligo said.

Only a few weeks into the semester, AVI workers and students have noticed a positive change in Malone’s cafeteria.

Ligo and Gotter said they are both excited to host more themed dinners, such as Mardi Gras, with decorations and jambalaya. They also said they plan to help students in the Platinum Chef competition coming up later this semester. They already have plans for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

Rusy Loveless, junior business administration major and AVI worker, said he is confident that Gotter will create a renewed environment for Malone students and AVI.

“[Gotter] is willing to take any feedback and actually encourages any feedback and requests that students have,” Loveless said. “She’s big on the comment cards and always getting back to students quickly.”

Loveless said he knows about the common talk of AVI on campus. There have been many tweets that lash out toward AVI. He said he hopes this new emphasis on communication will change things.

“Students complain a lot about AVI; if they complain to her and not just about AVI, she will do her best to fix it within the AVI guidelines,” said Loveless.

Gotter said she strives to emulate Ms. Kathy’s dedication to the students. With this mindset, students can keep a smile on their face after passing the swiping station into the cafeteria, where Gotter and others work hard every day to ensure the students have a good experience.

Nicole Ostrowski is the PR Manager for The Aviso

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