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life skillsPreparing students for life after college


On Thursday, Feb. 9, the Life Skills life group was launched through a partnership between the office of spiritual formation, Student Senate and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The new life group welcomes all students and takes place in the Brehme Centennial Center Conference Room, directly behind the dining hall, on alternating Thursday nights with celebration at 9 p.m.

The life group was launched as an expansion of the Students for Success workshops. Senate began work in August to create a workshop series that took the academic lessons of the workshops and applied them to all areas of life not included in classroom instruction.

In December 2016, officers of IMA approached Senate with a similar spiritual formation opportunity idea. Upon receiving Senate’s approval, a collective effort was then made to make the life group a reality.

The Life Skills Life Group’s focus is teaching students essential life skills that are not taught in the classroom while also thinking about why these life skills are important from a faith perspective. Each session is taught by an expert from the community.

“I am excited for this life group because these topics are super applicable to all students, and I think it will be beneficial to see how these real life situations connect with my faith,” said Andrea Humes, senior business administration major.

Brooks Andersson, junior history major, said, “I think it will be really helpful for students. I think a lot of students graduate with a perception that college prepares them really well for their career field, but not necessarily for the tangible day-to-day life skills. I think this will be a great opportunity that is available for students.”

Future topics include hospitality and cooking, employment, home and community, and the final session will cover student requests. Each session will integrate the topic with faith.

“We believe all of life belongs to God, so even oil changes, money, food and our houses, however mundane, do connect to the overall goal of honoring God with our lives,” said Tanya Hershberger, spiritual formation office volunteer. “I think Malone does a pretty good job helping students transition from high school to college, so I think it is fun to do this on the other side to help students transition well to adult life after students graduate.”

This life group is intended to be applicable for students of all years, not just graduating seniors. Answering questions like how to make a budget, how to get the desired job or how to be hospitable, welcoming and a meaningful part of community are all key life skills that apply to people of all ages.

“This is something I would go to in general, then you add on an SFO credit for it that makes it even better,” said Grant Burke, sophomore biology major. “I think this is a great idea. Most people graduate from college and get out into the real world and realize they don’t know how to do some of these important skills. I think this life group can really help with that.”

Josh Harley is a guest writer for The Aviso

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