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Leadership OppsLeadership opportunities for next year available now


This spring is the time to sign-up for next year’s leadership organizations and positions.

For example, Student Senate is a student-led group on campus that focuses on student needs and wants from changing what is served for late night to creating events on campus.

“There are a lot of directors [on Senate], and all of those directors are leadership,” said Andrea Humes, senior business administration major and student body president.

Each department of senate has its own director. There is a communications director, commuter director, intramural director, spiritual formation director, director of administration, director of multi-cultural services and SAC director. Several of these are co-director positions. Current students apply for these positions, as well as president and vice-president of the student body, in the spring for the 2017-2018 academic year. Applications are available in February.

“You do an application [and] an interview for the [current] directors and then they are voted on by Student Senate,” Humes said.

Humes said through Senate she has been able to make some great relationships, not only with students, but also Malone staff such as University President David King and VP for Student Affairs Chris Abrams. Humes said not everyone gets to make these types of relationships, and that has been really cool for her.

Humes also spoke specifically about the role of the SAC directors.

“SAC plans all the activities on campus… anything with a SAC logo,” Humes said. “You can see your ideas come to life.”

Anyone is eligible to join SAC if they do not want the additional responsibility of the director position.

Humes said that when she was a member of SAC she really wanted to go to a waterpark, and then they planned a trip in the SAC calendar to go to Splash Lagoon in Pennsylvania.

Senate is not the only leadership opportunity looking to fill positions for next year. Course Assistants (CA) are hired in the spring semester.

“I’ve been a CA for three years,” Josh Harley, senior business, accounting and finance major, said. “It’s a way to serve first year students. I think students should get involved. You get to make that initial impact and see the progress over one semester.”

CAs also get the opportunity to have fun and embrace awkward moments.

“You get really good at handling awkward, [which is a] really important life skill,” Harley said.

Harley’s advice to students: “Do it. It might seem intimidating, but you will realize how rewarding it is,” Harley said.

Abby Bergey, junior social work major, is a second year CA.

“To intentionally reach out to underclassman as they are coming in, it’s fun to be a part of that,” Bergey said. “It helps you meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Kendra Hartman is a staff writer for The Aviso

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