Zombies, PR and Commercials

IMG_5646Spring shorts offer variety and laughter


The annual Spring Shorts Festival will premiere Feb. 15-18 at 8 p.m. in the theater. The production features three short plays, and admission price is a can of food for the Akron-Canton Food Bank.

“I’m excited for the shorts festival. I think that, from what I’ve seen of rehearsals, everything is coming along nicely, not just for our cast, but other casts as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out,” said Isaac Brenneman, junior communication arts major.

Brenneman also directs “The Spot,” one of the plays that will be shown. This comedy takes place on the set of a political commercial, and what the audience sees is the crew trying to create a commercial while complications come up.

“A lot of the comedy comes from the way that the characters interact with each other and how everyone is trying to work towards this common goal of making this commercial, but there’s all kinds of things that get in the way,” said Brenneman.

Brenneman also said he enjoys being a director despite the pressure this entails.

“I haven’t had a directing experience quite like this before. Everyone has built off of each other, and there’s a real chemistry with the cast. [The actors] are all so excellent, so my job’s pretty easy. One of my favorite parts [of directing] is seeing it onstage and seeing all the actors put forth their effort, and to see what they come up with. It’s rewarding to see what everyone can bring and contribute.”

Avery Polinori, sophomore creative writing major, is co-directing another play with Lawrence Hines called “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.”

“It is about these various scenarios of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. These same characters are going through these similar situations but [with] different strategies to survive and not get eaten by zombies,” said Polinori.

According to Polinori, this play spoofs zombie movies with references to pop culture and zombie lore.

“It’s a lot of humor, so get ready to laugh. Hopefully, if the zombie apocalypse ever comes, you should take notes so you know how survive, as well,” said Polinori.

Ellie Zumbach, sophomore creative writing major, and Drew Takacs, freshman biology pre-med major, play the roles of the narrators in this play.

“[Being narrators] is funny because we’re a part of the story, but we’re not a part of the story. We’re just like the peanut gallery, I would say. I’m just narrating what’s happening [and] talking about what the characters should and should not do,” said Zumbach.

The final play is called “30 Minutes to Charlie” and is co-directed by Jess Revesz and Ellie Pallotta.

“It’s about two PR business men who have an emergency, so they go to the ER, but they don’t realize that it’s 9-11 and everyone else is preoccupied with New York. They’re wrapped up in themselves, insulting the nurses and being larger-than-life jerks about it,” said Jess Revesz, senior communication arts major.

Revesz also said that it has been interesting because she is both acting and co-directing in this play.

“It’s been an interesting experience being on both sides of the table at once, and being onstage and offstage trying not to miss cues, while also being able to watch and suggest ideas for the other actors. It’s been interesting trying to play both roles,” said Revesz.

Cathy Weyand is a staff writer for The Aviso

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