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In past years intramural sports have been rather limited during the second semester at Malone. Students could either catch the end of volleyball or basketball after it. Students who look forward to intramurals are left with few opportunities to participate as the school year winds down to a close.

This year, however, the schedule includes additional spring semester options. Not only has the intramural program hosted the full volleyball season this semester, basketball and soccer are also set for the spring. Soccer has traditionally been offered in the fall semester, but it was replaced this year with kickball.

“One of our goals was to add one or two new sports from what previous intramural directors had done in years past, [so we] thought of kickball and ultimate frisbee. Everybody loves kickball. Everybody played kickball at recess. Even a college student could play that,” said Nathan Martin, junior co-intramural director.

Moving the sports offered many students the options to explore new opportunities. Previously, many students were unable to participate in soccer during the fall semester. The schedule was changed in order to give those students the opportunity to join. Another benefit is that there are more daylight hours in the spring than in the fall. In the past some playoff games would run into lighting issues.

Martin said that graduating varsity soccer players never had the chance to participate in intramural soccer because it occurred during the fall. They could play volleyball or basketball, but not soccer. Now more people have the chance to experience new sports and play their long-time favorite athletics.

Additionally, changing the arrangement of intramurals better coordinates with the gym schedule. Using the gym later in the semester reduces competition with varsity basketball practices.

“In years past the scheduling would be inconsistent. For basketball, it would be two games for our team and then we would not have a game for a week and a half, but this year they condensed and had open times,” said senior exercise science major Marshall Kirkendall.

“It’s laid back going out and having fun with your team, but at the same time you’re getting exercise too. It gives a good break from studying…you get to know more people,” said freshman social work major Crystal Gasser. “It gives you a variety of different sports to choose from [and] to try different sports. If you don’t like one it’s not a long time till you can play another sport.”

Seth Byrd is a staff writer for The Aviso


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