Osborne Hall receives facelift

Osborne Decorations

New banners part of campus development plan

By Andrea Humes

Built in 1960, Osborne Hall is a longstanding structure on campus. In 2012, the gymnasium floor was re-surfaced, but the outside had yet to be updated. Campus maintenance has been working diligently this semester to provide the exterior of Osborne Hall with a facelift.

New artwork has already been installed featuring current student athletes. Hannah Campbell, junior cross country runner, said she found out about the banners from her roommate.

“My roommate came to our room and said I was on the side of Osborne. I had no idea about the posters,” said Campbell.

From knowing nothing about the posters to walking over and investigating for herself, Campbell said, “I was a little shocked at first. It’s okay now, though. It’s an honor that they picked me to be up there, but I also think that other people should be recognized as well for their accomplishments.”

Many students were unaware of these campus renovations, leaving some to wonder where the idea sourced from. Malone partnered with Derck & Edson, an improvement firm with associates in landscape architecture, land planning and engineering to enhance Malone’s visual appeal. Derck & Edson’s Ohio client list includes Ohio Dominican University, Capital University and Marietta College.

The firm is not responsible for actually designing the athletic banners but is responsible for helping to generate the idea. David Yakely, director of design, and Charlie Grimes, athletic director, worked to make these banners a reality.

“[Derck & Edson’s] navigation between the campus’ short-term enhancement needs and opportunities to improve the prospective student visit and on-going student experience was excellent,” said University President David King. “The result is a very helpful and practical tool as we plan and prioritize for the future and is already proving very valuable as we engage Malone’s friends and donors around a clarified vision for the future.”

Athletes and non-athletes alike have commented about the exterior renovations.

“I think [the banners] are cool. The building was boring before them, and they make Osborne look great,” said TaiLi Matheny, freshman middle childhood education major.

Samantha Shisler, junior early childhood education major, said, “I think the athletic banners look very nice. It adds color to our campus in these gray months.”

There is also criticism. Some students have said they are concerned about representation. Male and female athletics are not equally represented on the banners, and some athletics, like swimming, have not been represented at all. Banners still to be hung may remedy some of the lack of representation.

More than pictures and renovations, the banners serve as a point of pride and greater light on athletic accomplishments. Athletic events are held in Osborne Hall weekly, and athletes often advertise the desire for greater student attendance at the games.

Andrea Fry, vice president of the student body said, “One of the efforts in Student Senate this year has been to revamp pride on campus, motivate students to attend athletic games and overall increase pride on campus. The addition of the banners on Osborne will hopefully help people recognize that.”

Campus renovations will not stop with the banners. The same design firm working with the banners has played a pivotal role in the design process for Pioneer Park, a part of the greater campus improvement plan.

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