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Spring Break Option 1Students experience campus differently when remaining on campus during spring break


Spring Break is around the corner and several students will stay on campus due to travel circumstances, internship/student teaching obligations and athletic commitments. Spring Break, which is from March 6- 10, is a time for students to get away, to relax and refresh their minds for a week, but many students are staying on campus for numerous different reasons.

“I will be staying on campus and in the dorms for Spring Break because it cost too much money to fly to the Virgin Islands to only spend a week with my family,” said Dennis Hospedales, freshman business major from the Virgin Islands. “Spring Break is not like winter break where we have three weeks to spend with our friends and family, and plus most of my friends are going to be travelling around the world instead of staying home.”

Hospedales, who is also a member of the basketball team, said he is not really sure if the basketball team is allowed to leave campus, even if players do live close to campus, due to the team making the G-MAC tournament.

Several students can relate to Hospedales’ take on Spring break, including those from states such as California, Arizona and Washington.

Students who remain on campus experience a different environment compared to when classes are in session. The cafeteria is closed during break, and campus activities are few. The wellness center, however, remains open.

This peaceful environment offers students a chance to refresh and recharge for the second half of the semester. It offers an opportunity to catch up on studying or get ahead on work for the upcoming weeks. It also gives students time to explore Canton without the burden of coursework.

“Staying on campus is going to give me the opportunity to actually see the city of Canton more and to catch up on some work, maybe even finally finish some job applications for summer that I have been procrastinating on,” said Cobie Mikesell, freshman exercise science major.

Opportunities to connect with other students still exist over break. A resident director remains on duty, and several resident assistants remain on campus due to additional responsibilities.

“It’s usually quiet around campus and definitely around the dorm area [during Break]. Typically, we get the remaining students and play a game of hide-and-seek,” said Jake Bohrer, PGB assistant resident director.

There are definitely some postivies in saying on campus for Spring Break, including the fact there is no line or wait for laundry, no bundle of students walking by each other trying to get to class and no wait time to use the showers.

Being required to remain on campus over break offers an opportunity to gain a few extra hours of sleep or work ahead for the rest of the semester. The campus environment is an opportunity to experience Malone in a new way, hopefully leaving students refreshed after Spring Break.

Kamron Carroll is a guest writer for The Aviso.

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