Faith outside the classroom

Faith Outside ClassroomStudents engage creative opportunities to apply faith


It is easy to get in a routine: class Monday through Friday, homework and catching up on sleep on the weekend. At Malone, students are given all the tools necessary to apply their faith outside the classroom and beyond as they prepare for the real world. Current students creatively engage their faith outside the classroom in a variety of ways.

Julia Marino, junior exercise science major, was part of the development of atoning yoga, a new SFO integrating spirituality and movement. The SFO consists of a video and a reading of scripture.

“We keep it quiet and peaceful. Throughout the experience we repeat the prayer, and it makes for an intimate relationship with Christ, a very restful environment,” said Marino.

This SFO has been extremely popular in its first weeks and is a way to silently get to know God.

Many people use their own God-given talents to connect with him and others around them. They are able to make God known and praise him through the ways he has gifted them.

Haydon Dotson, senior communication arts major and Celebration speaker, applies his faith through his talents.

“Faith outside the classroom to me looks like using the tools and abilities that he’s given me and applying them to my everyday life. I believe that God gives each and every one of us a unique talent, or talents, that we are then supposed to continue to improve on to be a positive impact in this world,” said Dotson. “For me, I think my people skills and being able to sing are something very unique to me. It’s for this reason that I love talking to people about all aspects of life, or even speaking in public places when needed.”

Dotson said that gifts can be used inside and outside the church.

“These talents don’t always have to apply to church to glorify God, but just when we use them to make the world a better place, I believe this makes God just as happy too,” said Dotson.

Emily Mattioli, sophomore creative writing major and intern in the spiritual formation office, said she is passionate about missions and has been taking classes about international and urban ministries. Mattioli said she has a passion for unreached people and hopes to someday do work in the 10/40 window, the most unreached people group in the world.

“It is the greatest commandment given to us, to go out and preach the gospel, to make the unreached informed, to take the love God has given us and promise them the gift that we have been given,” said Mattioli.

Mattioli said she plans to use her degree and the tools Malone has equipped her with to go out and love these people.

Sara Coberly is a guest writer for The Aviso.

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