Breaking barriers through community action

Communication arts capstone students host rummage sale


The communication arts senior capstone class will host a rummage sale at East Campus Saturday, April 8 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. This sale will benefit Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive, an organization that rallies around recovering drug addicts to bring hope and support.

“Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive was formed after my friend Tyler died of overdose to heroine. He was addicted to opiates for six years, and he overdosed on Sept. 28, 2014. We created a nonprofit called Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive to help bring awareness to the opiate epidemic [and] the stigma of addiction to help break it. Our faith in Jesus Christ was the Hope is Alive part,” said Shelly Bornstein, cofounder of Breaking Barriers.

Breaking Barriers was chosen after students suggested different local or national organizations to give back to. Capstone students play a role in the sale in many different ways, including pricing, collecting items and working at the rummage sale.

“It was, to my knowledge, a tradition for the communication arts senior capstone class to do some kind of fundraising for a local organization to help out the community. We decided this year that we were going to do the Breaking Barriers as our organization that we wanted to raise money for. The idea to do the rummage sale was just part of something that had worked in the past and had been successful in the past,” said Emily Andrews, senior communication arts major.

Andrews said it was important to know that they can find great things at the rummage sale. She once bought a textbook that was worth 100 dollars for one dollar at last year’s rummage sale.

The rummage sale will accept a wide variety of belongings that students are willing to donate.

“There are donation boxes at the end of their halls in each dorm. They can put clothes, textbooks, anything that they might not want to take back home with them. Seniors, if they have a sofa they no longer need, can contact someone in the capstone class or Marcia [Everett], and we’ll make sure to take that out of their room and bring it down for them to the rummage sale,” said Buddy Lee, senior communication arts major.

More information about Breaking Barriers is available at nowwefightforyou.com or on the organization’s Facebook page.

“Just to be able to give back to your community and also help your fellow peers succeed in raising money for a local organization is just a small thing, and [you] can do great works,” said Lee.

Cathy Weyand is a staff writer for The Aviso.

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