Life after graduation

Students face change and seek comfort in life after Malone


Malone’s graduation is approaching quickly, and some students are feeling the pressure of that day arriving. Finishing required credits, passing exams and looking for jobs can all be overwhelming for a senior student. Students are figuring out if they want to stay in Canton or move, go to graduate school or find a job, and if the jobs they are being offered are the career path they want to take.

Being comfortable after graduation is something that Hannah Fisher, senior accounting major, said is appealing.

“I really want to stay in Canton because I want to be around Malone, and I also have fallen in love with Canton and the people here,” said Fisher. “I’m uncertain of a lot of things for after college, but I know God’s got me and that’s all that matters!”

Life after graduation is a scary thought to many. Students are leaving the Malone bubble and entering the real world and think they are supposed to have everything figured out. Sometimes it might seem as if pressures are coming from all aspects of their lives.

With all of the future’s uncertainties, students can find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in what they are feeling. A lot of seniors have no clue where to even start the after graduation process.

Robert Nemes, senior business major, said, “I just remind myself to take it one day at a time and not to stress too much about it.”

Even with all these decisions about graduating, it is good to remember that there are people willing to help. Nemes said his biggest support system is his parents.

“My parents have been really helpful with sort of guiding me with what I should do after I graduate, like discussing what my options are and going from there,” Nemes said.

Along with parents, teachers and friends can also be helpful and understanding. As an underclassman there are many things that can be done to lessen the burden of graduating.

“Keep your grades up and keep your options open. Also, network with as many people as you can; you never know what people could do for you or what kind of connections people have to help you in your future career endeavors,” said Nemes.

Networking and internships are really important to students that want to get a leg up in the graduating process. For example, Fisher said her internship is potentially offering her a job right out of school.

Jonathan Crabbs, 2016 Malone graduate, said, “I think that it is important to try new jobs and positions until you find something that you’re passionate about and something that fulfills you.”

Crabbs said he found his passion working as a pastoral counseling service case manager working in Akron schools with at-risk students. He also said that he was not just looking at one option.

“I applied to a lot of places and worked on my interviewing skills. I applied for a wide range of jobs, and I think it’s important to not limit yourself to what you’re comfortable in.”

After Malone might seem like a daunting thought, but with the right mindset graduating can be a great learning experience and can guide students in their future endeavors.

“It’s important to remember that everything will be okay. You will graduate, you will find a job and life will go on. Just be in the moment and enjoy it,” said Crabbs.

Natalie Parker is a guest writer for The Aviso.

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