Ohio’s spring swing

SpringStudents enjoy season change despite weather challenges


It is that time of year. Outside the air is fresh, trees are in bloom and the squirrels have multiplied. It is spring. Spring fever at Malone consists of a plethora of different things. There is the ever-present urge to skip class to be outside, spring sports like baseball and track and Nike Airband.

A lot of excitement is in the air as the semester is moving toward the end. However, one obstacle that students face during the spring semester is the extreme swing of weather conditions. One day it may be rainy, the next may be sunny and 75 and then a blizzard can hit.

Nick Chesnes, junior pastoral ministry major and Ohio resident, said, “I like Ohio spring because the weather is warmer and not too moist, and baseball season is right around the corner.”

People who grew up in Ohio are used to the luxury of being able to step outside without a jacket. There are also many students at Malone from areas where an Ohio spring is not their normal.

Riley Escalle, junior business administration major and Florida resident, said, “Well, Florida spring is super nice and relaxing. It is usually pretty breezy and has this effect on you like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Here it is still pretty damp and rainy.”

Spring in Ohio often has sporadic changes in the weather that many students do not enjoy.

Caro Friedrich, junior psychology major and Germany resident, said, “Spring in Germany is wonderful. While in Ohio the weather changes constantly and we have some mix of terrible winter and a rainy summer, we have a solid spring at home. The weather is constant and nice. Yes, we have rainy days, too, but the temperature does not change three times a day. My favorite thing is probably that everybody uses their bikes again and rides them to work or to school.”

Natalie Parker, junior communication arts major and New York resident, said, “Springs for me are a lot more intense in Buffalo than here in Ohio. It’s a lot colder, and we tend to have even more snowfall during spring. We get a lot of snow from Lake Ontario, which makes the weather more snowy and rainy. Spring here is a lot better change of pace than at home in Buffalo.”

The atmosphere of Malone in the springtime is a change of pace as well. Everything is fast-paced, as classes are coming to a close.

With different perspectives comes a universal feeling that spring is a refreshing feeling in Ohio. After walking to class in the snow, the warmer weather is a nice change of pace. With passing seasons comes the joy of an almost finished school year.  Through it all one thing remains the same; Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” There is something peaceful in that.

Anelia Schneithorst is a guest writer for The Aviso.

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