Easter schedule changes

IMG_5782A time to relax, a time to visit family, a time to observe


On April 13 Friday classes will run on Thursday. This will forgo the normal weekly schedule for a variety of reasons. This enables the campus to observe Easter break before the final push of the semester. Malone has handled this week this way for several years. It has been found as the best solution for everyone involved due to the way holidays fall on the calendar.

“Seems like all the holidays fall on a Monday or we take breaks on Fridays. In those kind of circumstances, what we end up doing is constantly missing a Monday, Wednesday and Friday [class] or taking minutes away from Monday, Wednesday and Friday [class] scheduling” said Gary Phelps, registrar. “We do very little because we don’t have holidays in the middle of the week on a Tuesday or Thursday.”

To combat this problem of missing three Mondays in a single semester, the registrar and faculty came up with the solution of moving Friday classes to Thursday 10-12 years ago.

“One of the options they came up with years ago was let’s take on this Thursday prior to Easter. We’ll have a Friday schedule [on Thursday], and what that does is give us one day back of the three we end up missing for the spring semester. It helps balance out some of that instructional time, so all that instructional time is not taken away from that one block of classes,” said Phelps.

Faculty check the time spent in class because in order for students to get credit there has to be a certain number of hours inside the classroom. It is a way to make sure everything is accounted for.

The Monday after Easter is also given off so that students have time to come back to Malone after visiting friends and family.

“For years we did not have that Monday travel day coming back from Easter, and we can recoup an instructional day by having that day back. We look at our student body [and] that includes whoever is traveling at a distance. For those who are living further away we were asking for them to pack up and be back on campus Sunday night,” said Phelps.

Therefore, Malone tries to be considerate of student’s travel requirements.

“Overall, I think it’s important to have Friday off. It’s a benefit we get going to a Christian school,” said junior history major Brooks Andersson.

That makes Malone unique in helping students enjoy Easter without the worry of a time constraint. It is something that should not be taken for granted.

“I feel like it’s just so easy to fly through that weekend and not really give it a second thought…focusing on the fact that the school has chosen to observe the day that Jesus has sacrificed his life for us and what that means to the University and to the people that attend here,” said Andersson.

Seth Byrd is a staff writer for The Aviso.

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