Open creativity at the Open Frame Film Festival

Open Frame- Courtesy of Tyler DingusStudent artistry on display at annual event


The Open Frame Film Festival will be held at the Palace Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on April 22.

First-year faculty member Sangsun Choi, assistant professor of media production, is responsible for directing the festival.

Choi said he is most excited about the opportunity to help students with their first film. He said that these films will be meaningful work for students’ lives, and most of the filmmakers submitting work are first-time filmmakers.

One of these filmmakers is Tyler Dingus, junior communication arts major.

“I’ve always been passionate about filmmaking, creating [and] just different works of art. I am normally a photographer,” said Dingus.

Dingus said that his film for the Festival was inspired by a reading from another class at Malone.

“In my English composition class we read a book that inspired this film, and I knew a lot of people did comedies for the Open Frame. My inspiration was that I wanted to take a spin on that and go a little darker but still present a different message,” said Dingus.

His film, “Arnold Friend,” takes place on the outskirts of Canton, Ohio and is being filmed in Canal Fulton and Clinton, Ohio.  The theme of his film brings awareness to sex trafficking and follows a girl named Kate Michaels, who is trying to avoid being taken by a stalker. The film features actual tactics that are used. There is a second, hour and a half, version being released next spring online.

“[The full hour and a half film] will be something that we share online, so people can view [it] if they are interested after watching this [15 minute] version. They’ll be able to go online next spring and view the movie,” said Dingus.

Samantha Hudzik, sophomore political science major, is starring in Dingus’ film.

“Tyler suggested that I audition [for his film]. There were definitely other people who went out for the role, but before he announced that he would be casting the movie he came to me. I auditioned like everybody else who did a video audition and then sent it in. It was between me and one other person. Then I found out the night of the short play festival that I got the role,” said Hudzik.

“Working with this cast and crew has been great. This is my first acting thing on camera. I have always done theatre. I’ve never done something that is actually film. Being a part of this is a great opportunity and it really draws attention to something that needs to be talked about in society. Working with everybody has been a great experience and I can’t wait to see how it comes out,” said Hudzik.

Hudzik said she has not heard much about other films being made but expects that they are all going to be grand. She said she looks forward to the films she is going to see and expects a few dark dramas and a few comedies.

Cathy Weyand is staff writer for The Aviso.

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