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sports awardsReview of the second annual Malone sports awards


For the second straight year, SAAC, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, put together a sports awards show for student athletes and their achievements for the year. Corey and Rachel Hunka hosted the event.

Jon Zimmerly, senior football player and SAAC representative said, “The Malone sports awards [MSAs] was a lot of fun to have an event that celebrated the student athletes and all that we do. The event itself went extremely well this year. The awards moved from Bethel Temple to the JC, and the atmosphere in the JC was awesome! I believe many of our athletes had a very enjoyable time. I do believe this event will take place each year. Malone wants to celebrate their student athletes for all of their hard work, so I believe this will become an annual event!”

The night was full of surprises and awards being handed out. Top Rookie, presented by Ann Lawson, went to Braun Miller and Rachel Wentworth.

Best Performance by an Individual or Team in a Game/Meet was given to Ashton Dulin. Lynsey Trusty and Austin Cary won Breakout Performer.

Cary, a senior football player and track and field thrower, said, “I felt honored to receive the award. It made me appreciate SAAC and the whole athletic community here to show their support with that award. During all the long hours of practice and preparation, it was nice to see the hard work that I put into my last season here at Malone.”

The idea of the MSAs is to give honor where honor is due, and all of the athletes should have the chance to have fun, dress up and win awards for the night. This is something Malone will continue to do in the future.

“Without a doubt [Malone] should continue the sports awards. I sometimes [think] that the athletes here at Malone don’t get the appreciation that they deserve, and it was nice to honor all of our accomplishments. Athletes have essentially two full-time jobs, and I think to have a yearly award ceremony to honor that hard work makes people feel good that their hard work is getting noticed,” Cary said.

The Service Award went to Mary Suitca, assistant women’s golf coach. Mr. & Ms. Pioneer went to Keanan Locke and Christine Najjar.

Rounding out the night was the Top Performer award that went to went to Ashton Dulin and Rachel Goddard. Most Outstanding Team also went to women’s basketball.

Sophomore guard Chrissie Vaughn, said, “Winning most outstanding team was great! I think winning this award will get more people to come to our games and support us! I think we definitely deserved the award too!”

As they continue this tradition of the MSAs, Malone athletes said they hope to find new and creative ways to make the show better each year.

“I think they should have more categories and make it more about the athletes. I think there was too much about the people presenting and not enough about the accomplishments of the athletes,” Vaughn said.

SAAC plans to continue to partner with the Malone community and looks to make the event something to come to in future years.

Rob Elder is a staff writer for The Aviso

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