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Opinion: Seasons of transition

IMG_5883Reflection and hope through the eyes of editors



From Alicia:

Among the countless lessons I have gleaned as a Malone student, one stands out to me as I reflect back on my time with “The Aviso:” say yes. I did not arrive as a student eager to write for a newspaper. I never planned on pursuing editing. If you asked me about an inverted pyramid, I probably would have sent you to the math department.

But, is that not the essence of life? Simply saying yes can create the most rewarding, surprising and challenging circumstances we encounter. At the end of my freshman year, I said yes to writing for this publication. Three years later, I leave with a deeper appreciation for the written word and the hard work of journalists.

I have seen numerous challenges as a staff member and editor. Our publication operated without an advisor for one year. We have been under the umbrella of a different department each year I have been a student. We brought “The Aviso” back to print. We watched the major that primarily supplied staff members get cut and still found a way to survive.

We had our challenges, yet we persevered.

However, our challenges seem small in the wake of real-world journalism. High-quality reporters are needed to hold Washington in check, no matter which side of the aisle you align with. Journalists instigate necessary change despite the numerous roadblocks they face any given day.

My time here reminded me of the importance of journalism, and I hope to have encouraged at least a few people to appreciate journalists during my time as editor-in-chief.

Monica identifies and pursues truth and justice in everything she does, and I could not be happier to see her assume the editor-in-chief position. Her bold ideas and willingness to listen inspire me regularly, and I cannot wait to see how she develops the newspaper next year.


From Monica:

When I applied to “The Aviso” at the end up my sophomore year, I had no idea what I was committing to. I had absolutely no journalism experience, but I did have a passion for writing and wanted to get more involved on campus.

Throughout this year I have experienced being both a writer and the copy editor for the newspaper. I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given because I have learned so much.

As a writer I learned the thrill of sharing stories that were important. I had no idea that words could be so powerful, and I started feeling so much pride that I got to be a part of something that could create change. I also loved that through interviews I got to meet and talk to people I would not have otherwise.

As the copy editor I am constantly learning and being challenged by Alicia. She always gives her best, and she pushes everyone around her to grow. Her passion and dedication to the newspaper are something I hope I can embody next year.

Alicia will definitely be missed next year. She is the heart of the newspaper, a great leader and an even better friend. She has developed a great staff that is ready to continue the growth that she has set in motion. I am privileged to follow in her footsteps, and I cannot wait to work with the new staff next year!

Alicia Meyer is the editor-in-chief & Monica Hershberger is the copy editor for The Aviso

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