People: the heart of Malone

Students share their experiences ahead of College Decision Day

On May 1’s College Decision Day, the next generation of Pioneers will make it official that they will be attending Malone in the fall. This represents a big decision that can shape them into who they are because college can have a huge influence on a student’s life.

What makes people want to become Pioneers? A couple of current students shared their personal decision stories to reveal what sets Malone apart.

“When I came for a campus visit, I sat in a classroom. It was a basic communications class and the professor was reading from the textbook. It was an example of a speech about a Mom who was talking about her perspective on raising a child with a disability,” said senior political science major Andrew Campbell. “That kind of directly related to my life, and so it kind of felt like a big hint from God that Malone might be the place to come to.”

It is particularly important to feel comfortable in a place and having something that can connect with a person’s life is huge.

Campbell said it is not just students that have impacted his experience.

“Malone has professors who deeply care about the students. They also have connections and different programs so you can go to different places,” said Campbell.

That caring attitude from professors shapes students in who they are and what they will become. It is also a nice luxury to have that may not happen on all campuses.

“There is the cliché that says, ‘show me your friends and I will you show you your future.’ I have been blessed to be connected to people who encourage one another to be their best and then just to do well not just academically but spiritually and emotionally,” said Campbell. “Malone is a place where people of different backgrounds can find their niche. They can find a place to thrive and flourish.”

Campbell is not the only student who mentioned both people and the feel of campus in selecting Malone.

“I knew I wanted a small Christian college close to home, so I literally did a Google search and that’s when I first heard about it. I looked into it and visited and the visit probably made me feel the most at home,” said sophomore exercise science major Haley Tomlinson

This welcoming atmosphere creates a place for people to be themselves and to find themselves.

“People always say the community here is what they find is the best thing, and I definitely agree with that,” said Tomlinson. “I found my spot here and anyone can find their spot here.”

Malone gives people a space to grow and flourish, but it is the people within the space that creates this. The support students get from faculty and peers is a critical component when picking Malone over other schools.

“I think what stood out was the friends that I hung out with and made in just a short little visit,” said sophomore sports management major Ian Mast when sharing his visit experience.

Seth Byrd is a staff writer for The Aviso

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