LXIII Issue No. 2

Campus Improvements: How They Are Benefiting Student Life

By Grace Rhoads

It is no secret that Malone is 125 years old. In fact, we have been celebrating that throughout this entire year. However, with age comes a need to update different parts of campus. For that reason, there have been significant changes across campus that occurred before the beginning of the school year. Whether it is residence hall renovations, updates to the Randall Campus Center, or a new fire pit, Malone has been working hard to improve the campus. The renovations in Myers Lounge have led to an increase in the feeling of community in Woolman, Whittier and Fox (WWF). Anne Schrock, WWF resident director, spoke of her goals for the renovated space. “When creating the updates for Myers, there were a lot of pieces. We wanted the space to feel welcoming, but also be durable. We needed our Front Porch space to stay available for the food that gets sold there and we also wanted a great area to show during Admissions tours,” Schrock said. Katie Boor, Whittier resident assistant, thought those goals were accomplished.“Myers has created a sense and outlet for community. It looks more welcoming and homey on tours, and it increases appeal to visitors,” Boor said. The Front Porch has remained open and welcoming to hungry students throughout the week. Another addition to Malone is the fire pit that is located near Myers on the edge of the quad.“I think the outdoor space [of the fire pit] has been one of the most fun parts of the project. At this point, I’ve seen groups of students sitting in the front and back areas almost every day. It makes it easier for my RAs to plan programs when they have more than just the hall lounges or Myers to host an event. We’ve started incorporating the fire pit into different things we want to do with our residents. There is something special about the ownership of a space too, when administration shows that they’re listening and meets a need that students have been asking for over the last few years. It makes the space feel more meaningful and made just for residents,” Schrock said. “The fire pit allows for spontaneous gatherings which is profitable for a sense of community and I am excited to plan events around it. Good things are happening for WWF and it is rewarding to see the improvements working out how they are supposed to,” Boor said.This year, every residence hall staff was given $500 to update their space as they saw fit.“This helps to focus on problems in each dorm from a student’s perspective. For example, that could include an attempt to change the dynamic of a dorm or an addition of more quiet space,” Boor said. It is encouraging to see that the improvements on campus did not stop when summer ended. Another key improvement that has occurred on campus is the renovation of admissions in the Randall Campus Center. Carrie King, special events coordinator and admissions student worker supervisor, said she is a fan of the changes.“The renovation was much needed aesthetically and technologically speaking, as well as with the bathrooms,” King said. “We had a goal to customize and personalize visits to make the campus feel homier. We sent out surveys to people who visited here to see what they most liked and we wanted to target that with our updates. The wood in the foyer is from a barn in eastern Pennsylvania that is 150 years old. This adds a new legacy and history to our great campus.” The admissions center looks great and the renovations add more than just what is needed It is safe to say that Malone is doing great things, and it will be interesting to see what is yet to come and how student life continues to improve.

LXIII Issue No. 2

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