LXIII Issue No. 3

Global Connectivity

By Cathy Weyand

Malone has changed Wi-Fi networks to Eduroam, an international standard that makes it possible to go to another Eduroam campus and immediately have Wi-Fi connection. Staff can also access all of their network files, whether connected to Wi-Fi or not. “We’re excited that we have [Eduroam] and everybody that I have talked to, when we talk about the benefits of Eduroam, have been excited about it,” Donald Swank, IT client services coordinator, said.“What we found out in our research is that there is nothing wrong with our Wifi. It was almost all, with few exceptions, Samsung Android devices. The newer ones had a hardware issue, and that would have been an update that would have been provided by their provider. As far as we can tell, it was fixed by the provider,” said Swank. Right now there is testing for another future benefit of Eduroam. At some point, students may be able to print from their phones or tablets. According to Swank, this is not available yet, but will allow students to print to any campus printer, grab the paper from the printer, and then head to class with less stress because they did not have to log into a computer to print.The Malone guest still exists because Eduroam only works on devices with a browser. Malone guest and Eduroam have different levels of security, therefore devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TVs and Chromecast need Malone guest to log on to Wi-Fi. “We needed to have a second signal, other than Eduroam, so that devices that can’t get on Eduroam would still be able to be connected. Eduroam can only be used on a device that has a browser,” said Swank.“The first week that we turned it on and hadn’t advertised it, we suddenly had two guests on there. We looked at who the guests were and they were visiting professors from a university in Africa. So, they were an Eduroam campus at their university,” said Adam Klemann, chief information officer. “Most coffee shops and universities in Europe are Eduroam. If you go to the Swiss Airport, you’re on Eduroam,” Klemann said.There is a website where you can see where Eduroam locations are. At http://www.eduroam.org/where/ there are 89 territories with Eduroam, all of them listed on the website.Students should tell their devices to forget Malone Wi-Fi and Malone guest Wi-Fi to make sure their devices do not jump back and forth from Malone guest to Eduroam. Anyone with issues should call 330-471-8428, the IT helpdesk or contact them online, helpdesk@malone.edu. Alyssa Crowley, junior chemistry major, said she has found that Eduroam can be inconsistent.“It’s been a little bit spotty for me. There have been times that I would look on my Wi-Fi and it would say not connected, and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t. So, I’m not sure whether it’s been using a little bit of my personal data for the internet, but I do know that it seems less consistent than whatever we had last year,” Crowley said.


LXIII Issue No. 3

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