LXIII Issue No. 1


I wanted an outlet for community,” said Katie Boor, senior bible and theology major. Boor was a resident assistant (RA) in Haviland Hall this past summer at Malone. Being an RA the previous summer as well, she recognized how lonely life on Malone’s campus can be without the rest of the student body. In response to this, Boor started the spring semester of 2017 preparing for a summer of intentional community with Linda Leon, Director of Spiritual Formation. She was able to use this experience as an academic internship to help prepare her for life in the real world after graduation. Boor is interested in campus ministry, as well as working to bring faith and community together. This internship was a perfect way for her to get her feet wet. Boor says she wanted to “provide support and encouragement” to the students living on campus in the summer. “She wanted to bring elements of her past community to campus,” said Leon, Director of Spiritual Formation. The summer of 2015, Boor participated in the Ocean City Beach project. This inspired her to try to make the same intentional community on Malone’s campus. She made plans to have meals with the students living on campus and to actively engage with them. Boor took a need that she saw and figured out a way to meet that need through HaviHood. Each week, there would be a “neighborhood dinner” where students would gather in Haviland or at the house of a staff or faculty member. The staff or faculty member would provide a meal and another would give a devotion to tie in a faith aspect. This began to meet the need Boor saw and started bringing together a community. “With the intentionality of HaviHood, we all came together and shared meals and talked about faith,” said Ryan Cartwright, senior psychology major. Cartwright was another RA in Haviland this summer. He participated in the neighborhood dinners each week, enjoying the time to discuss, reflect, and have quiet time to recognize how they were all allowing God into their space. Cartwright met Boor through working with Residence Life as RAs together. Cartwright said his favorite week was the first week. It was held at Leon’s house with pasta as the meal. Anne Schrock, the resident director in WWF, gave the message. She asked the question “where do you find God”. There were many more communal nights like this throughout the summer. “It’s definitely something they should continue during the summer,” Cartwright said. There is talk of continuing HaviHood during the summer semester and adding it to all of the amazing traditions at Malone. While this was only the trial run, it is something that promotes the community atmosphere on campus. Whether it will be continued by another RA or passed along to Residence Life in Student Development, HaviHood deserves to leave its mark on Malone’s campus. “It gave me something to look forward to each week,” Cartwright said.

LXIII Issue No. 1

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