LXIII Issue No. 2

New Residence Life Profiles

By Jenny Bushnell

If you haven’t noticed already, this year at Malone we are welcoming three new Resident Directors. Heritage, Blossom, Haviland, and PGB have all embraced new residence life staff. Micah Czirr and his wife Mikinzie are officially moved into Haviland Hall. You may have seen their dog, Bella, around campus this semester. Before coming to Malone, Czirr worked as a leader in a group home called Boy’s Town. While he said he really enjoyed the setting, he felt a pull to work with college students – leading him to Malone to be the Resident Director of Haviland Hall. As an advocate for community, Czirr said he wants to contribute to the community at Malone in several ways. He noticed many students leave Friday afternoon after classes to go home, and do not come back to campus until Sunday night. He believes in the idea of “consistent spontaneity” on the weekends as a way to promote more community oriented events on campus. Other ideas entail a potential Uno club or playing other games in open areas such as Myers lounge. “I want to encourage people to interact between buildings in neutral settings more often,” Czirr said. Another new addition to the residence life staff is Matt Adamo, the new Residence Director of Penn, Gurney, and Barclay (PGB).“I love ministry. I love helping college students. I love the age,” said Adamo. Adamo attended Grove City College for his undergraduate studies and recently got married. Adamo said he believes he can contribute to the community at Malone by connecting with his resident Heritage Hall, Photo by Annie KadlecekAwaken: Made For EngagementWe want to see revivalBy Cathy WeyandSee Awaken: Made for Engagement, Page 2Awaken is a worship group that meets in Emma’s on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. This new group is focused on revival and being disciples here and now. Damascus First Friends and Jackson First Friends worked to put this group together at Dr. King’s request.“I had Malone on my heart. I had been praying for Malone. When the opportunity [to start Awaken] came it resonated with my spirit and I said yes, I want to see God do something cool and amazing at Malone,” said Brian Donahue, pastor of worship and young families at Jackson First Friends Church.Awaken is a combination of musical worship and a given message. The focus is on living out your faith and having an intimate relationship with Christ. Donahue believes that to start revival, there must first be personal revival in individuals.“We want God to be there and for it to be more than just here’s what the Bible says. We want to receive power and Awaken meets in Emma’s Lounge, 1st floor of the barn. Photo by Jacob Garwoodassistants. He hopes to spread a ripple effect to the whole building, and eventually the whole campus. He plans to have students over to his apartment to build relationships with them. As Adamo is new to Malone, he is still discovering all the university has to offer. He is in hot pursuit of finding his niche and what he can bring to the table here at Malone. Adamo and his wife, Faith, are looking forward to this school year and creating a great atmosphere of community. Finally, you may have also noticed that there is only one resident director for Blossom Hall and Heritage Hall, Rose Marinucci. Marinucci is a Malone graduate and was thrilled to hear of an opening on the ResLife staff. Her titled position is not exactly a resident director, however. Marinucci is the Area Coordinator for Blossom and Heritage Halls. Before her current position, she was a resident director at a small Christian university in Illinois. “Malone had been something so transformational for me. It was where I became more self-aware and where I learned different ways to view the world. It was a springboard into asking more questions and really learning how to be a Christ follower,” Marinucci said.While being the area coordinator of two residence halls is a huge task at times, Marinucci really enjoys what she has stepped into in this new season of life. She desires to support the culture that already exists and help in areas where growth has become stagnant.

LXIII Issue No. 2

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