LXIII Issue No. 1

Residence Hall Renovation for All

By: Cathy Weyand

This year, every residence hall was given 500 dollars to renovate the building in any way they wanted to. Residents now enjoy new murals, areas to relax, and ways to build community. Dante Raffin, senior business and marketing major, is the Resident Assistant in Upper Penn. He has been looking forward to this opportunity and is using this chance to build the community within PGB.“I’ve been trying to get things renovated for a while. We got a grant from the school and did the front porch of PGB [before this year], but this year they gave us money and freedom to actually do it on our own. It was good to see [Malone] catching on to the fact that we wanted to renovate the building and giving us the means to do it,” said Raffin. Raffin and the PGB residence life staff have spread the money around the entire building. They painted two murals on the walls, installed café lights in the middle lobby, bought ping-pong paddles and pool sticks, mounted wall fans, and obtained new indoor tables. Previously, through a grant, the pool table had been refelted.“We did things that would help the building in the long run, [things] to invite guys in to offer them a space to build community and to grow,” said Raffin. Heritage is also creating new spaces for community within their building. “Heritage has done a lot with the second and third floor lobbies. They’re the central area floors. It’s where most of the residents will go and hang out. We tried Heritage Lounge, Photo by Monica Hershberger Surviving the ApocalypseWill you live or die? By Alexandra CalvinSee Surviving the Apocalypse, Page 2to make it more of a homey feel,” said Jordan Davis, senior social work major. Davis is an RA in the building.Using their own residents’ skills, they have improved the second and third floor. Heritage residents have painted a mural of the sunset in the third floor lounge, and crafted bean bag chairs placed in both lounges. Mattresses with sheets and pillows are spread throughout to create a cozy atmosphere. “What’s most exciting is that it’s a fun new change in the building. I know this building is one of the newer ones, so I feel like it’s fun to get some new stuff and make it look more comfy, cozy and homey. Now people hopefully will utilize the rooms more. I think that’s what’s happening already from what I’ve seen,” said Davis.Blossom is also using the money to improve two of their lounges. They are renovating the first and third floor. “The first floor we [are going to create] a coffee shop type feel. We’re going to have a coffee station where students can just come and do homework and hang out in a cozy area. We got some couches and made it fluffy, so that people would feel comfortable to come in and either do homework or hang out with friends. It’s more of a chill environment, not as crazy,” said Kelsey Modlin, senior early childhood education and intervention specialist major.Modlin said, “On the third floor we wanted to create an artsy feel and crafty room. We painted and we are putting in some art supplies and providing different things that people can come in and use to have a creative outlet.” Modlin is looking forward to the reaction from the residents and is hoping to hold events in these rooms.


LXIII Issue #1

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