LXIII Issue No. 1

Surviving the Apocalypse

By Alexandra Calvin

Malone is preparing for its annual Humans vs. Zombies (HVZ) event. This is an event that was formed by the Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Honor Society) program. HVZ is an event that takes place during the last week of September, kicking off on Sept. 25 and ending on Sept. 29.As Malone enters this apocalypse, there are many things to remember as a player in this event, or even as a student watching. HVZ is a campus-wide event that is completely student-led. The APO program has carefully chosen the tasks and missions that make the HVZ event so spectacular.“It’s a nice distraction from their worries and everyday life at college, in a way that you can get to know people that you might not have before,” Avery Polinori, junior creative writing major, said.When you sign up, you start as a human. The APO program chooses the first zombie anonymously, also known as “Patient Zero.” This person is the only person who knows they are a zombie. When the game begins, no one can know if one of their friends is “Patient Zero.” It essentially begins as a cold war, and no one really knows who to trust.“You don’t want to have your back turned to anybody,” Polinori said. “The best strategy is to make alliances, and trust that they are in fear, but don’t trust that they won’t turn on you at some point.”As the week progresses, alliances are formed and broken, many more humans are turned into zombies. These zombies can attack at any point, but do not attack during classes. Therefore, the event does not interfere with student’s academic responsibilities.“You don’t know what it’s like to walk to class, not knowing if you’re about to be ganged up on,” Alex Chilupe, sophomore business administration major, said. “On my way to class, I was walking through the [Haviland] parking lot, and this dude came up to me. I pulled out my sock grenade, I threw it, and I missed. After this, I sprinted. He almost caught me, but someone else started shooting at him. I ran with the strength of all of Kenya behind me.”Players are constantly fighting zombies throughout the day, but at night they are sent on different missions. These missions increase the risk of humans being turned into zombies. These missions can include visiting different spots on campus and taking pictures. Essentially, this is to challenge the humans. “It’s really fun,” Alyssa Crowley, junior chemistry major, said. “It feels very dramatic.”At the end of the week, those who still remain human are considered winners. The HVZ event is a great opportunity to meet new people, and also learn more about the APO program. Those who are interested in the APO program can find more information on their Facebook page (Theater At Malone University).

LXIII Issue No. 1

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