LXIII Issue No. 5

Big Goals for Malone Enactus

By Dan Carmany

“We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all.” These words are the foundation of the international organization known as Enactus, as prominently displayed on the Enactus.org website. The name of the organization comes from combining the words “entrepreneurial,” “action,” and “us,” as it involves students carrying out projects based upon business and service to the community.Malone’s chapter of Enactus has seen major success in the last year. This year, they hope to go even further with Frank Alexander, adjunct business professor, stepping in as faculty advisor and Chad Mallory, junior business administration major, as president. In the spring of 2017, Malone Enactus won the regional competition and advanced to the national competition in Kansas City. The team presented their entrepreneurial projects in front of the Enactus judges, among which were Fortune 500 business executives. On the heels of the team’s success in the spring, Mallory won two individual awards from the organization: The Emerging Leader Award and the RILA/Unilever Retail Scholarship. Both awards consisted of a $5,000 scholarship for Mallory and $1,000 community project grant to Malone Enactus. Mallory gave his acceptance speech for the Emerging Leader Award at The Greenbrier resort at the Grocery Manufacturers Association Annual Leadership Forum in front of a prestigious audience of CEOs and former president George W. Bush.Alexander said he could not hide his enthusiasm for Enactus and the impact it has on students as well as the community.“It’s pretty neat stuff because it’s all based on doing a project that helps the community in some way,” Alexander said. In the past, Enactus has taken students to Akron Children’s Hospital to trick-or-treat at Halloween and sponsored food drives in the community. Current projects include the Tailgate Against Hunger food drive and the upcoming Malone Shark Tank, in which Enactus students will award grant money and partner with business ventures that seek to benefit the community. Malone Enactus has also begun discussions with the Refuge of Hope in Canton about a potential partnership in the future.“The networking is what excites me most about [Enactus],” said Alexander. The students in Enactus participate in numerous career fairs, both in-person and virtually, throughout the academic year. Students are given opportunities to meet local representatives from national corporations and many find internships and employment through those connections. “They know that Enactus students are committed, they’re dedicated, and [corporations] want to use that talent,” Mallory said.Enactus meetings are held Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. in MH 203 and are open to all majors.For more information contact Frank Alexander at (330) 471-8244 or email at falexander@malone.edu .


LXIII Issue No. 5

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