LXIII Issue No. 5

Career and Grad School Fair 2017

By Hannah Pallotta

This year’s Career and Grad School Fair was held on Oct. 24th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Johnson Center. It was an event where companies, local and national, and graduate schools were invited to Malone so that students could have the opportunity to get internships and local jobs that are based on their career choice. Some professors offered extra credit to students who decided to attend the event, if internships and career options were not incentive enough. Students wore professional clothing and had resumes ready to discuss with the companies about internships and future goals. All students and alumni were invited since it’s important to get internships early on and think about career ideas. Jen Vannest, director of tutoring services & career development coordinator, was able to share her thoughts on the Career and Grad School Fair. “It’s a great opportunity for [students] to meet in a professional environment, to meet with people, to have a real chat with them. [The Career and Grad School Fair] is not an actual interview, but it’s steps towards that process,” Vannest said. Malone has expanded the Career Fair to not only include companies that will offer students internships, but graduate schools as well. This year, there were 17 graduate schools from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Tennessee. There was also 45 companies that students were able to talk to about graduate school and internshipsChris Todaro, director of admission, shared his thoughts on combining the Career and Grad School Fair with graduate schools. “It’s good to combine with the Career Fair because [students] may talk to a company that says this is a job offer that we have, but may require a master’s degree in this field down the road and they can then go talk to a school that has master’s degrees right then,” Todaro said. Kayla Williams, senior chemistry major, attended Malone’s Career and Grad School Fair for the first time this year. She said she was looking for possible employment options for when she graduates in December.“I believe this event is a great way to make connections. It’s a way to get your name out to local companies,” Williams said.Williams said she encourages other students to attend the Fair in the future.Malone’s hosts this event so that students and alumni have more opportunities available to them as they look for internships and future jobs. Furthermore, there will be even more options available to students since graduate schools have been invited too. In this day and age it’s important for students to look for internships early on and plan out their futures. Additionally, it’s never a bad idea to get ahead in life. Opening up the Career Fair to graduate schools gives students even more opportunities for future internships and careers. There are companies for all majors available for students and alumni are encouraged to come. It’s time to start looking for internship opportunities and career jobs.


LXIII Issue No. 5

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