LXIII Issue No. 4

It’s Time for a Change

By Hannah Pallotta

During last year’s spring semester, the art department was asked to merge with the communications department. One reason was that there were intersecting qualities between the two departments. The graphic design and digital arts major has many qualities that explore communication as well as art. In the major, it is important to be able to communicate not only through words, but through art. This was a major factor that the art and communications departments thought about before coming together as one. Big changes are now seen in the fall semester of 2017 with the new Department of Communication, Visual, and Performing Arts.Jessica Slater, sophomore fine arts major, told of her experience with the changes and how they affected the current students enrolled in the program with the new curriculum being put into action.“Art students have the option to stay or change based on the new curriculum,” Slater said. Along with the new changes, the current art students are allowed to stay on the track they are on or go with the new curriculum based upon what interests them. “These new changes are exciting because students will have more options in the future,” said Adrianna Thompson, sophomore communications major.Having heard about the new possible business and public relations class, Thompson said it is helpful to students. Thompson was one of many students who got a new advisor during this process. Her new advisor, Tammie McKenzie, professor of communication arts, encouraged her to take Intro to Theater just before Thompson picked up her major. Marcia Everett, professor of communication arts, said that the new changes will expand and open opportunities for students and give them more options for the future. “There’s a lot of potential for really good things,” Everett said. Everett said she is excited to see the changes as they settle into the new department. Along with the changes, the art history major was removed. Since the major was small to begin with, the decision was made to have the major removed. Nevertheless, the new department is considering adding a business or public relations class to the new curriculum. This will help students who plan to do independent work with their majors in the future, as they will have the opportunity to have business experience. It might be a little rocky at first to get adjusted to the new changes for both the students and faculty, but it is all hoped to be a great improvement for the future.“It’s like trying to tweak something that’s good,” Everett said. Even though it might take some time to get adjusted to everything for both the students and faculty, the new department hopes to see good things come for the future.


LXIII Issue No. 4



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