LXIII Issue No. 6

Talented Community Showcase

By Ryan Cartwright

On Friday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m., Malone is in store to encounter some campus talent through Malone University’s second annual Talent Night, held in the Stewart Room in the Randall Campus Center. Talent Night is an annual event meant to showcase the many diverse talents represented at Malone. Last year, there was a plethora of different talents with singers, rappers, jugglers and dancers, all of whom came out to show the community the various ways they enjoy performing.Michelle Houston, sophomore music ministry and business administration double major, and current co-director of the Student’s Activities Council (SAC) said, “Talent Night is a good way for everybody, whether [it’s] river dancing or stand-up comedy, to have an opportunity to show their talents.”In last year’s event, over 50 students attended the Talent Night, and Houston said she is hoping that SAC receives at least 10 acts to pack out the Stewart Room. Talent Night will last about an hour, which means each act will be about three to four minutes each.Vincent Leone, junior communications major, headed up the event last year. Leone said he was both honored and uneasy when Dean of Students, Melody Scott, asked him to host. Leone said he was uneasy because he was not completely sure about what to expect. Leone was almost overwhelmed with the amount of people who came out to not only perform, but to support the event. He even did a bit of recruiting.“I gave a call to a few of my buddies to come perform,” Leone said.Leone is a juggler and was able to show his talent even as the host.“I had a blast,” Leone said. “The talent level was good for the first year, but I’m eager to see [if it builds up even more] this year.”Leone said he is excited to see the new talent that has emerged with the new freshmen students who have come onto campus.Talented Community Showcase ContinuedEmily Jacobs, senior math and education major, won last year’s talent show. Jacobs and close friend Rachel King won last year’s performance competition by doing an Irish dance.Jacobs has signed up again and is ready for her competition. She has been dancing for many years and really enjoys performing. For her, Talent Night was the perfect opportunity for her to show everyone her hidden talent.“[It’s] a lot of fun to perform for our peers, [and] really cool to see the talent at Malone,” said Jacobs. “Winning is pretty cool, not going to lie, but I just really like to perform.”Since there were many similar acts (like having many singers and rappers) during last year’s Talent Night, Jacobs said she feels she and King won due to being different from everyone else.Jacobs kindly offered some advice to her future competition and said, “put yourself out there, and just perform. Everyone is super supportive, even if you aren’t really confident about your act. Everyone just loves it!”Talent Night is a way for the community of Malone to show not only support to their peers, but for the students to give campus an insight to who they are. Talent Night creates ways for students to connect.Leone also said that when students perform something original, “it opens doors for other conversations. Asking them when their next performance is, or when they’re going to release something else.”Both Jacobs and Leone said that Talent Night is welcoming and diverse. Talent Night is believed to be a testament of “the great community” that is represented by the student body at Malone. Malone’s talented students will be performing and competing for bragging rights in the second annual Talent Night, and showcasing the legacy and reinforcing the testament of a diverse student body in many ways, and they hope to see you there.There’s still time for students to sign up in the Student Development Office at the front desk. For details, contact Student Activities Council co-directors Michelle Houston and Samantha Shisler.


LXIII Issue No. 6

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