September 17, 2019

Malone’s Newest R.D. in Blossom Hall

By: Michelle Lori

This year, Malone welcomes the newest R.D., Sarah Gregory to Blossom Hall. “She’s a woman with a genuine interest and love for her job and for her students,” says Rebecca “Bex” Weaver, the R.A. of Blossom 1 North and a senior marketing major. In her short time at Malone, Gregory has impacted the lives of many of her resi-dents. From lending her ear in order to be a safe place for students, Gregory is a staff member who furthers the inclusive, friendly community that Malone is well known for. “I deeply believe in the value of living in community,”said Gregory. “I hope to pre-serve that for students as they come through Malone.” Gregory landed at Malone University somewhat unexpectedly. “Being in Ohio is a surprise to me,” said Gregory. She was born and raised in south-ern Florida. As an undergrad, she attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where she acquired a degree in Bible and communica-tions. She also obtained a master’s degree in spiritual formation and student development from Wheaton College in Illinois. While attending school, she served as an R.A. for two years. “Residence life has always been my heart,” said Gregory. “I was influenced by my R.D., who was a safe place for me to ask questions and find my voice. She was there and willing. I am forever grateful for her.” Gregory said that after she graduated college, she found herself missing the residence life. “At first I thought it was just post-college blues, but I realized I wanted to be back in this setting,” said Gregory. Before coming to Malone, Sarah was an R.D. at Anderson University in South Car-olina for one year, as well as an Admissions Counselor at Erskine College for one year. “Transitioning to Malone was so easy, because people were so welcoming,” said Gregory. “People here are pretty cool.” The residents of Blossom had the same thing to say of her. “She is such a sweet and welcoming person,” said Rebecca “Becca” Atherton, sophomore nursing major. “I love how she is always encouraging people to come to talk to her. I never hesitate to knock on her door if I need anything.” Along with being welcoming and friendly to her residents, she displays principles that Malone is built upon. “She has a lot of love in her heart for Christ and for other people,” said Olivia Goldinger, junior biology major. “She has given me someone to have deep talks with, and someone who can offer me mature ad-vice. She is super into Malone’s culture and wants to get involved in all our traditions.” Along with being someone all residents can approach, Goldinger said that she knows how to balance focus and fun. “She has kept us focused, but she also cre-ates the space to have fun and get to know each other aside from that,” Goldinger said. “She brings something to Blossom that I think we’ve missed out on in the past and I’m really excited for that.” Gregory has an undeniable, genuine care for her job and for all of her students. She said that her favorite part about working as an R.D. is what she learns from her R.A.s and other residents. “I think it’s cool that I am here to lead a building, but they end up teaching me,” Gregory said. “They speak truth into my life. I’m grateful to be here and grateful for the honor to get to live and learn alongside stu-dents. It is a privilege and a gift. I’m grateful they’ve welcomed me into the community.”


September 17, 2018


LXIII Issue No. 1

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