February 11, 2019

Everything Malone Students Need To Know About Jubilee

By Makayla Smith

Spring is an exciting time for Malone University. Baseball season officially starts, new theatre productions are in the works and Malone’s infamous Nike Airband has begun rehearsals. Amongst all of these exciting new seasons, students and faculty are especially stoked for the return of Jubilee this semester. February 22-24, 2019 is the annual Jubilee weekend in Pittsburgh. Jubilee is a weekend worship conference that welcomes college students from all over the country to speak life, give guidance for future careers, and build long lasting friend-ships in a Christ-centered community. Many spirit filled and well known speakers have been traveling to Jubilee for decades, such as: Lecrae, Jackie Perry, Chaz Smith, and John Comer to name a few. Malone University recognizes the value of this event and has been taking students to Jubilee for many years now. Linda Leon and Corey Hunka are two faith leaders on Malone’s campus who go with students on the trip every year. According to them Jubilee is a life changing experience. “It is a conference for college students, specifically designed for college students,” said Corey Hunka, pastor and BlessUp lead-er. “It is for college students entering into literally any type of vocation. All of there programming is designed to reach as many fields that you might be entering into. The people who organize it are people who have invested their entire life into helping college students.” Hunka also talked about one of his favorite Jubilee moments. “The piece of Jubilee that I love the most is seeing that light bulb moment when people realize that God is not a compartment of your life, but it genuinely goes with you and impacts your field,” said Hunka. “When students realize this is how my faith impacts my career or my passion. Or even the moment when you’re passionate about this because it was by design by God.”Spiritual Formation Director Linda Leon weighed in.“I hope for students to understand that their faith is bigger and deeper than what they can imagine,” said Leon. “It applies to every area of their life, that Jesus wants to be involved in every area of their life. God is interested in everything about us and our faith has to do with everything about us. That vision of that breath and depth is big-ger than we can imagine and at Jubilee you just get a taste of that in a room of diversity of campuses and people. I think we all need to broaden our vision and I think Jubilee is a good place to see that.” Malone students have also been vastly impacted by this conference. Malone Juniors Tori and Taylor Franklin have been going to Jubilee since their freshman year. “I was so happy I went my freshman year because it gave me a chance to see what Jubilee really was and it allowed me to connect my academics to being a Christian and everything,” said biology major Tori Franklin. “It ignites whatever fire you have in your-self for God even more, to chase after him, and to just let him have his way in your life,” said nursing major Taylor Franklin.They said that they go every year because they feel that it helps them grow in their walk with God. Tori is now one of a few room leaders for this event. They have made it clear that this weekend is life changing. Jubilee is not only life changing but it is also a lot of fun. Students stay in an extremely nice hotel and have access to the many amenities and restaurants in the hotel itself and the city of Pittsburgh. “The milkshake factory is a fun side note that you should be aware of.” Hunka states. “Or, on Friday nights something else that is a little low key is just follow me after the night’s session, or debriefing to a hole in the wall pizza and wings spot. And if I’m miss-ing that’s where I’m at.”“I really love the book table,” said Leon. “Which is not a book table it’s actually an en-tire section. My friend brings u hauls worth of books from his bookstore and organizes them all in an easy way with books about everything you can think of.” Besides this various Jubilee leaders put on different activities such as salsa lessons, picture scavenger hunts in the hotel, quiet reading time, karaoke night, and more.Jubilee is an amazing opportunity that Malone is fortunate to be apart of. Leon and Hunka are passionate about making sure anyone who wants to come to Jubilee has the opportunity to do so.“Money can’t be the reason you don’t go to Jubilee,” said Hunka. Leon and Hunka give out scholarships to anyone who needs one to go on the trip and assure people to pay what they can. Students are advised to talk to one of them or one of the various student room leaders if they have anymore questions regarding this exciting experience. Email mdsmith3@malone.edu, lleon2@malone.edu, or chunka@malone.edu for more information.

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