Everett C. Cattell Library to be Renovated for Next Semester

Carter Hartong

The Everett C. Cattell Library will undergo $2.5 million renovations–starting this summer–in partnership with Sol Harris Day and the Timken Foundation. The renovations are made possible by a $1.2 million gift from the Timken Foundation and will see the Center for Student Success, as well as a 24-hour study lounge become apart of the library. The Malone Center for Student Success’ mission is “to promote and implement a variety of intentionally-designed programs resources, and services to guide students in fulfilling their individual academic and career goals.” And while this mission and the function of the center will not change, its location will. The new home for the Center for Student Success will be named after the Timken Foundation, due to their donation. Moving the center to the library seems to be a logical move, suggested by Malone University Provost, Dr. Nathan Phinney. Apparently, this is a move that the University has been considering for a while, according to the provost. Dr. Phinney believes there will be a “good partnership,” as well as “collaboration” that can take place between the staffs of Center for Student Success and the library. Such a partnership will ultimately benefit the students at Malone. The Center for Student Success will move onto the second floor of the library. This new location will offer a space for academic support, a tutoring space, and a testing center. Dr. Phinney described a “balance of visibility and privacy” that will be struck with the CSS on the second floor. This way, the department is centrally located, but students will still feel comfortable getting necessary support. Students and faculty more closely connected to the Center for Student Success are also excited for its move to the library.“We are excited for the opportunity provided by the Timken Foundation to centralize services offered by the Center for Student Success within the library’s Learning Center hub,” said Dr. Beth Clark-Thomas, Dean for Retention and Student Success.“I think having the Center for Student Success in the library is a great idea for students to help other students who need it,” said Collin Schmid, senior communication arts major. “It’s a great way to establish tutors and friendships.”With the Center for Student Success moving to the second floor of the Everett C. Cattell Library, some shuffling will have to occur. The stacks of books currently on the second floor of the library will move up to the third floor. Therefore, the archives in the third floor are planned to move to the basement of the library. The library staff has also been hard at work withdrawing books to make all the renovations possible. A 24-hour study lounge will be added the main floor of the Everett C. Cattell Library. This space will offer students a quiet space to study at all hours of the day. According to Dr. Phinney, this is a decision that was made after seeking the advice and opinions of Malone University students. The renovations necessary for this new study lounge, as well as the Center for Student Success will be made possible thanks Sol Harris Day. This is an architecture firm from the Canton area. Sol Harris Day has done work with Malone in the past. Renovations are expected to begin after graduation this spring. Although, renovations will unlikely be finished at the start of the fall 2019 semester. However, Dr. Phinney remains confident that this process of change and construction will not disrupt the resources and abilities of Malone University students.

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