Malone Investing in the Future of Athletics: Remodeling Plans for Malone’s Athletic Training Facilities

By: Serena Tucciarelli

What do student athletes do when they suffer from an injury? That is simple, they immediately turn to the university’s athletic training staff for all of their treatment needs. Student athletes look to these trainers for the best possible care, treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning needs throughout their athletic careers, so they are a vital part to the athletic community on campus. Malone’s Sports Medicine staff works in cooperation with the university’s health center staff and community health providers. Malone’s Sports Medicine staff and services are provided by Aultman Hospital. “The trainers here work their hardest to provide athletes with the best care,” said Katie Brehm, junior community and public health major and power forward for the women’s basketball team. Malone’s contract with Mercy Medical Center for sports medicine training services was coming to an end, so Malone needed to make a decision to establish a partnership with another organization to fulfill their sports medicine needs. There were several bidding options from medical providers Malone had to choose from, but one organization in particular stood out to their athletic department, and that was Aultman. Aultman came in with a positive outlook on Malone’s program, knowing who they wanted to place here and what services they could provide each sports team. When touring Malone’s facilities, Aultman observed some aspects that needed to be updated regarding Malone’s athletic training rooms, and they were willing to help with this. When a contract was finally established with Aultman, five months ago, they offered to remodel this space for Malone, an added benefit to the partnership. In this negotiation, Aultman promised Malone a donation strictly to renovate the current athletic training facilities with an extended contract of the athletic trainers who work through Aultman Hospital at Malone. This long term contract provides Malone with the services of these experienced professional trainers for an extended period of time. “Aultman as a whole is a great partner that understands our student health and welfare. They understand that our athletes’ strength and wellbeing is a priority,” said Charlie Grimes, Director of Athletics and Intramural Sports. Malone’s athletic trainers follow Aultman’s mission in their everyday work environment and want the best for student athletes. “We are looking forward to having an updated training room to help us increase our abilities to provide quality care to all of our athletes,” said Rob Putnam, Athletic Trainer. Malone’s current primary sports medicine offices are located on the first floor of Osborne Hall in room OH13 next to several athletic offices and the gymnasium. Malone’s secondary sports medicine office is located on the second floor of Osborne Hall in room OH29 next to the compliance office. “I’m excited for all of us to be in one location so we can all work and be together,” said Megan Perkowski, athletic trainer. Aultman plans to work on the engineering for this project and has already come up with ideas for this project. The primary sports medicine office located on the first floor of Osborne will be opened up for more space to reconstruct, so the entire floor will be dedicated to sports medicine. “I take advantage of these facilities every day, and knowing Malone is putting time and effort into taking care of them makes me feel proud about our program as a whole,” said Nicole Ferrara, senior accounting major outfielder for the softball team. Since the upstairs sports medicine office will no longer be in use by Malone’s athletic training staff, there are new plans in store for this space. Solely, the purpose of this room will be for student athlete support. The athletic department plans to dedicate the space as an academic success center for student athletes where they can work on their studies, lounge, come together and relax.Grimes, excited for this addition, said, “I can’t wait for our coaches to walk recruits through that space and for our athletes to come back and say they are proud of Malone.” Students are also very excited for this upcoming addition. “This addition will help prospective students understand that athletics are a vital part to our campus community, which hopefully entices them to come here and be future Pioneers themselves,” said Chandler Stahl, red shirt junior pitcher. The projected start day for this project is this upcoming May 1, and should be finalized by next fall so incoming students will be able to appreciate this remodeling

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