By Leah Jablonski

“On Tuesday, September 19, the Pioneer room officially changed names and converted into Froggies’, Malone’s new snack shop,” 1989 Aviso News Editor, Kim Gray, states in article “Froggy’s Leaps into the Barn.” Since its creation with The Barn in 1977, the cafe Froggy’s has undertaken many changes in both its titles and its locations. Throughout the years, this popular student attraction has been referred to as The Snack Bar, The Pioneer Room, Pioneer Pizza, The Snack Shop, and even Froggies’. Regardless of its name, students have been expressing their appreciation for the cafe for years. “I really appreciate how close Froggy’s is to the cafeteria. It’s nice, especially in the Winter, just going from having a meal to the cafe before class,” said Jenna Beakas, Sophomore Biochemistry major. “I think it’s a place that all students appreciate having at Malone.” Though the cafe has had its current name since 1989, it wasn’t until the 2000s that Froggy’s was moved from its
original location in the Barn to its current location now underneath the cafeteria. “Before Froggy’s was moved to underneath the cafeteria, it was just a study space. I think it was around 2009 that it was actually moved up from the Barn to the cafeteria,” said Tony Schnyders, Dean of Community Life and Engagement. “When the cafe was in the Barn, it was more of just a hangout area where people would play pool and drink coffee. [Part of why they moved from the Barn was because] the space just wasn’t being utilized.” This Fall, many students have noticed how Froggy’s has currently not been available. Beginning in the summer, Froggy’s Cafe has been under remodeling to transfer it to another location. “They are remodeling the space where Froggy’s is now to just be a common space. More of a lounge set up, and then the cafe will be moved back to the Barn,” said Jason Brannon, Physical Plant staff member. “There won’t be any cafe under the cafeteria once the renovation is complete.” Moving back into its old location in the Barn, renovation will take place where Emma’s currently is. “Once the renovation is completed where Froggy’s is now [under the cafeteria], they will start working on the Barn side of things,” Brannon said. Though it is certain that the moving of the cafe will take place, it is still unclear whether or not Froggy’s will keep its name. “I think that [if it’s between Froggy’s or Emma’s] it’s likely that it will just be titled as Emma’s because of the Emma Malone history,” Schnyders said. With a new location, the menu will likely change as well.“I think it will be a trimmed down version [once moved to the Barn]. Just stuff like coffee and cookies,” Brannon said. Expressing similar thoughts, Schnyders exclaims “I think the idea for the new menu will be more ‘Grab and Go’ items. It won’t be like the Regula cafe.” Though Froggy’s will inevitably be different, Brannon explains that there will be perks. “Part of the reason they are moving is convenience. Spreading out food sources instead of having the cafe and a cafeteria just stacked on top of each other,” Brannon said. Regardless of the changes, improving convenience and taking full potential of space is something for all students and staff to be happy about.

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