By Leah Jablonski

Freshmen Sabrina McClain:
“Walking through the woods with beautiful scenery and silence. It’s just so peaceful, and I love it.” Despite any stereotypes of the activity, freshmen Sabrina McClain describes her first hunting trip to be a peaceful hobby. “I got my hunter’s license when I was thirteen and have been hunting since. I’m actually the first in my family to do it,” McClain said. “I mostly hunt deer, but I have hunted peasants and bear before.” Unfortunately, differences in scenery from McClain’s hometown to Canton Ohio has hindered McClain’s long time hobby. “I’m from Enon Valley Pennsylvania, but I normally hunt around my home in Pennsylvania,” McClain said. “Being here [at Malone] I don’t really know anywhere to hunt, and also I don’t have a license to hunt in Ohio.” Though so far unable to hunt, McClain explains how she hopes to resume her hobby during Thanksgiving break. “[For Thanksgiving break] I plan on going home and at some point going to DeBoise Pennsylvania to go bear hunting,” McClain said. “Last year was actually the first year that I’ve been bearing hunting, so I’m excited for Thanksgiving break to do it again!

Junior Maria Blasiole:
“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!” Blasiole said. “It’s the only time of the year that I have both sides of my family together.” Coming from a larger family, Blasiole explains how this holiday stands out from others. “For Thanksgiving, my mom’s side and my dad’s side come to my house, which is like over thirty people,” Blasiole said. “It’s really cool though because even relatives from Washington and New York come. It’s basically the only time that we’re [Blasiole’s family] all together.” Blasiole describes how it’s not just family togetherness that defines her thanksgiving, but also family traditions. “We always make lots of homemade food, eat together, and then play games like cornhole and horseshoe. Usually later in the evening we call the festivities: going black friday shopping, napping, playing games, etc. Everyone carpools from my house and we all just migrate in groups,” Blasiole said. “It’s an annual thing that we’ve been doing for almost nine years now.” Blasiole also describes a thanksgiving race that her family annually participates in. “My family and I every year always do the turkey trot in my hometown. Sometimes it’s a 5k, sometimes it’s an hour run,” Blasiole said. Despite the festivities, Blasiole describes relaxing as a part of her thanksgiving break. “It’s a good time to relax,” Blasiole said. “I’m actually able to see my siblings and spend time with them because they’re also out of school [when I come home for break]. It’s nice just being able to spend time with my family.”

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